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Wednesday, 22 February 2012 14:59


“Canyon Hawk” by Peggy Harris

By Winda Shimizu




Art Around Town:


The A.R.T., Inc. Members Exhibit going on now at the Adobe Art Gallery presents a group of 69 pieces of acrylics, photographs, oils, ceramics, watercolors, metal, archival prints, mixed media and woodblock prints.


Exhibition Judge Edwin Bertolet selected six awards of merit, Larry Bendoski, Rene Clair, Carol Jones Brown, Todd Leonardo, Scott Miner and Peggy Harris.


“An extremely creative work of art, this sculptural piece fascinates on many levels and engages the viewers’ imagination,” said Bertolet in discussing Peggy Harris’ piece titled “Canyon Hawk.”


“The artist’s ability to take a found item and reinterpret it in a new context is stimulating. This delightful piece combines whimsy, heritage, and sensitivity into an intergral whole. I was struck by the way this artwork satisfies one’s emotional, design and intellectual needs,” Bertolet said.


Eight honorable mentions were awarded to Michael Belew, Nick Calarco, Donna Crum, Myriam Espinoza Aguirre, Janice Moulton, Pusha P. Dalal, Steve Platt, and Susan Sarti.


The variety of pieces showcased in this exhibit leave you refresh and energized. There is a piece for every taste. Come an see for yourself and feel your senses with the A.R.T., Inc. Members Exhibit until Saturday,  March 3.



Winda Shimizu is the publicist for A.R.T., Inc. For more art events and information, see the A&E Calendar on page 5 and visit



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