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Wednesday, 07 March 2012 16:49



Steve Warner of Blue Sky Tree Service holds the lively three- month-old tabby he saved from near the top of a 120 foot redwood tree where the cat managed to climb.

By Robert Souza

Two weeks ago one of the two kittens Jackie Beggs owns came to her with what Beggs claims was a message.

“She was trying to get my attention for some reason,” explained Beggs, who gazed across her Castro Valley backyard and began to panic when she scanned one of the two towering redwood trees near her fence line.

Perched just inches from the top of the 120-foot tree was Beggs’ orange tabby, “Mac Duff.” The feisty three-month old feline had managed to climb the tree and was now being circled by a flock of crows whose nest sat on a nearby limb.

Beggs told the Forum her stomach sunk as she wondered what to do. After calling friends and acquaintances, she got the home phone number of Steve Warner who operates Blue Sky Tree Service of Castro Valley. He suited up for a climb and came to Mac Duff’s rescue.

Armed with a small pet carrier, ropes, a trusty climbing belt and 30 years of experience with big trees, Warner made the 40-minute ascent to where Mac Duff was and coaxed the kitty into the carrier. Next was a five-minute descent back to safety where Beggs breathed a sigh of relief.

“He was up there and looked like the Christmas ornament at the top of the tree,” added Beggs who said Warner is the true hero of this cat’s tale.



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