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Forum Headline Showed Press’

Bias Against Pit Bulls


I was disappointed by the title on the front page of the May 9 Forum “CV Child Mauled By Family Pit Bull.” I don’t understand why half of the dog’s breed had to be singled out in the title.

If the dog’s full breed of Pitbull-German Shepherd mix didn’t fit in the title, it could have just said “Family Dog.” Pitbulls already have such a bad reputation, and more biased press is the last thing they need.

After reading other articles about this incident, I have found that both parents have been arrested for child endangerment because there was feces in the house and chemicals within reach of the child.

This story is another example of how dogs can act when they are neglected. This dog was living in his own feces and was most likely not fed, walked or socialized with any regularity.  The child and the dog are both victims in this case.

I have volunteered at animal shelters for 19 years, have worked in the veterinary field for 16 years and have owned rescued pit bull mixes for 11 years. I meet many new pit bulls every week, and have never had one bite me or act aggressively towards me.  They are the most misunderstood breed of dogs and are great dogs when they are treated right.

Any breed of dog is prone to attacking someone when their physical and emotional needs are not being met.

Please vote for my dog’s picture titled “Athena Sunning her Tummy” (kuranda.com/blog/dog-of-the-month) every day in the month of May so the Hayward Animal Shelter can have 5 free Kuranda beds.

Brenda Pane, Castro Valley

Want a Pyzano’s Pizza? You’ll

Have to Go to San Francisco


Regarding Elizabeth Stump’s letter “Mystery Surrounds the Status of Pyzano’s Pizzeria (Letters, May 9), you’ll have to go to Tony’s Pizza Napoletana on Stockton Street when you’re salivatin’ for one of Mr. Gemignani’s pies, Elizabeth.

If San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood is too far to keep your pie hot for home consumption, you can always take a lesson from Mr. G at his International School of Pizza. Check out the website at tonyspizzanapoletana.com for details.

Seems Mr. G and his brother can only handle one restaurant at a time.  Too bad, his local pies and the hope of a retro diner on CV Blvd. appear to be a thing of the past.

Moira Simmerson, Castro Valley

Calls Gay Marriage ‘Pandora’s

Box That We Should Not Open’


In California, under our “Civil Union” law, homosexuals already have the same rights as traditional married couples. But if they already have equal rights, then why are gay activists in California still demanding “gay marriage?” Obviously, calling their relationship a “marriage” must give gay people something that civil union does not.  What could that be? Self-esteem.

Homosexuals want to call their relationships “marriage,” as society’s seal of approval for their alternate life style. But should we change the oldest tradition in our culture just so homosexuals can feel better about themselves?

I suppose we could change the definition of marriage for them, if doing so would not lead to any harm. But that’s the problem.  Gay marriage will lead to polygamy.

If we legalize gay marriage, then we are changing the definition of marriage to accommodate people with an alternate lifestyle. That’s exactly what polygamists want. Polygamists want us to change the definition of marriage, to accommodate their alternate lifestyle.

One group wants to change the gender of marriage. The other group wants to change the number of marriage. Both changes are equally drastic. If we permit gay marriage, but then refuse to permit polygamy, then we would be discriminating based on life-style choice.

Gay activists claim, “Polygamy is a choice, sexual orientation isn’t.”  Well a polygamist can claim exactly the same thing. He can say, “Having multiple partners is natural for me. Ever since puberty, I’ve wanted multiple partners. It’s part of who I am.”

Gay marriage is a Pandora’s box that we should not open.

Peter Hauer, Castro Valley

Doesn’t Want ‘Marriage’ to be

Taken Over by Homosexuals


The separation of state and church is the real issue that we need to have dialog on in regards to the word Marriage. Our religious beliefs tell us that marriage is a Sacrament between a man and a woman for the betterment of their offspring.

This is a God-believing, American Citizens right of belief that our founding fathers put into our constitution.

I miss being able to use the word “gay” as I used it as a child. I grew up saying “Oh, I feel so gay today,” as I giggled in happiness. I can not today say that because the meaning of the word gay has been taken over to mean homosexual.

God-believing people do not want the word Marriage, a Sacrament to religious beliefs, to change and be taken over as the word gay has.

The State and/or Federal government can tax and give benefits to all of it’s citizens regardless of being married or civil family unit, or whatever.  Our government created tax laws to benefit married couples and I know that all God-believing citizens would rather repeal all of these benefits and tax breaks in order to give all of our citizens the right to define their families as they see fit and keep the word marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Why not have a civil ceremony that gave all rights of being married, defining two people as a Family.  And, if that gay family union needs to have a religious or church validation let them create a church  of their own.

Who wants to get Family Union to include all civil rights as if married on the ballot? I’m absolutely sure that most God-believing people would vote yes. It is very simple, all of our citizens have the right to be treated and/or taxed equally.

Separate the church from the State so that we can work together and move on in a Christian way treating all of our citizens the same, while keeping the Sacrament of Marriage a church right.

Jennifer Baity, Castro Valley

"Homophobia is Like Racism and Anti-Semitism..."


Recently I attended a dinner party in Castro Valley.  Soon after I arrived, a gay man and his partner came in and immediately apologized for the damage their recent marriage had surely done to the marriages of all the heterosexuals present.

We burst out laughing, of course. The joke was clear and funny, and we all understood that the marriage of any two loving and committed adults could not damage our own.

Some of the letters to the Forum have taken a very narrow definition of “homophobia,” but I like this definition by Coretta Scott King:

“Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood.”

Kay Athos, Castro Valley

Takes Issue with Letter Criticizing Spink as Prejudiced


Normally I wouldn’t respond to someone’s opinion, such as Ms. Landaw’s (“Says Spink Singles Out One Trait For a Ban on Marriage,” Letters, May 9), calling Stacy Spink prejudiced for his opinion, but when she puts an M.D. next to her name, then it becomes more than just an opinion.

You might think that Ms. Landaw would know better than most that, just like her, everyone has an opinion and because one might not agree with another’s opinion is no reason to call them names – especially one with an “M.D.” next to her name, like Ms. Landaw.

I just keep saying again and again, thank God we still have a vote to settle disputes.

Robert Stewart, Castro Valley

Spink Says Landaw Misses the Point In Her Criticism


I thought we were done with this topic. The editors must be very patient!

“Prejudice, pure and simple?” Someone needs to re-take high school English. Prejudice is “an unfavorable opinion formed beforehand without knowledge.” I have conducted extensive research on this topic.  No prejudice at all.

Genetic discrimination? I would love to be a gymnast, but can’t touch my toes. Not going to happen. Am I a victim of discrimination? The more liberal might say yes – but it’s just genetics. A recent x-ray showed I am missing a lower vertebrae. This limits my abilities. Nature did not favor me here.

Obviously, other genetic traits (Dr. Landaw [see above] lists eye color, alcohol intake, mental illness, stature, etc.) would affect me differently and limit my choices acordingly. Some deal with alcoholism, obesity, heart defects, etc. Life is terribly unfair.

Such “discrimination” extends to social behaviors as well. Why, I’m not allowed to use the women’s restroom! Why not? Society has deemed in its own best interest to limit my choice of restroom to the one intended for my sex and gives me no choice. Our laws actually promote genetic discrimination – and there are many more examples as well.

And as we have evidenced in the last few months, nature (evolutionary history) evidences homosexuality a negative trait, and (most of) society has deemed in its own best interest to limit the marriage contract to those it was originally intended for.  The fact that everyone is not eligible to marry – or to use the women’s restroom – is normal and proper.

Prejudice? Eugenics? Hitler? Talk about missing the point! Sounds like someone is better at writing political smear campaign materials then debating issues on their merits.

This community-college graduate expected more from a doctor.

Can we please go home now?

Stacy Spink, Castro Valley

Leikela Wants You to Help Her with A Big Job


My name is Leikela. I’m in 4th grade, and I want our community to make a difference! I know what your thinking big kids, a little kid (me) can’t do a big job like this.

You’re right, I can’t do this on my own, but I can do this with you. I need you to know how bad plastic bags are to our community.

First of all, poor animals are dying! Over 100,000 animals die each year! They mistake bags for food! Next, bags pollute the ocean. It takes more than 1,000 years to biodegrade. When it does, it releases chemicals, too!

I want you to use cloth and/or paper bags. People use 5 million to 1 trillion plastic bags each year! If 1 out of 5 people use cloth bags, we can save 288 plastic bags each year! For example, you can bring cloth bags to the store instead of using a plastic bag.

Leikela Lunt, Castro Valley



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