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Parent: Alternatives To Power Reading Program



To other parents of incoming freshman students to Castro Valley High: If you received a letter stating your child has been placed in the Power Reading Program instead of Freshman English, you have the choice to change that and place the child in Freshman English.

It doesn’t state this as an option in the letter.

My daughter is an A and B student, has never received a grade below a B, and was put in the Power Reading Class. I saw no reason for her to have to attend summer school in 2013 to complete Freshman English so she wouldn’t fall behind by taking the Power Reading class (that’s hoping, with budget cuts, summer school is still offered).

I phoned the high school principal and vice president three times and sent one email, but never received a call or email. I then phoned the Superintendent’s office and spoke to Julissa Darden who responded immediately and had the school call me back.

I truly thank Ms. Darden for her assistance because I feel without her, I may not have had the return call.

There is a parent meeting on the Power Reading class today, June 6. I’m not saying it may benefit some students, but it is your choice for your child’s education.

In addition, the STAR test every spring is not mandatory. Parents have the choice to opt out of the STAR test for their children. Your child should not fully be judged based on those tests. As stated by teachers in my daughter’s class over the years, even though the test subject matter hasn’t been reviewed yet, go ahead and take the test.

Really? Why take the test then? Just to get extra funding or scores or points? Then do not judge my child on a non-mandatory test. Education is not a guessing game to me.

Karen Erwin, Castro Valley


Thanks to All Who Made Letter Carriers’ Food

Drive Such a Success



We’d like to thank all the people from the Castro Valley and Hayward communities who helped make this year’s 20th annual nationwide, one-day Food Drive by the National Association of Letter Carriers, the U.S. Postal Service and Spectrum Community services  such a success. Thirty-five thousand pounds were collected, surpassing last year’s total by 1,000.

Also, thank you to the letter carriers of Branch 1707, Faith Lutheran Church of Castro Valley, Hayward’s Salvation Army, Castro Valley’s Boy Scout Troop 722, and all the many “helping hands” who helped make this food drive so successful in helping feed the needy and hungry individuals, children and families in our communities.

Roland Frieberg, Phil Berry

Retired Letter Carriers


A Solution to the Gay Marriage Debate?



Recently, I have noticed a lot of bickering back and forth about the subject of homosexual marriage. I think that there might be a relatively easy way to resolve the debate.

Why don’t we, as a nation which supports the separation of church and state, issue government civil union certificates to replace those of marriage.

The government would issue the license to any two consenting adults who wanted one, and they would have the exact same rights as married couples now do. Then marriage certificates could be issued by any church, and be the religious sacrament that some want it to be, and the government would not be denying anybody rights.

This way, everyone is happy. The conservatives on this issue will have their “one man and one woman” marriage through whatever church that they go to, and the “sanctity of marriage” will be preserved which is what they wanted. The liberals on this issue will have equal rights for all, which is what they wanted.

If a law like this is put into place, then nobody could claim that the government is controlling, changing, and/or attacking their religion, and no one could claim that they were being oppressed at all. Finally, if homosexuals want the specific title of marriage, then they can go to any church that supports it, or as Ms. Baity suggests, create their own church.

Robert King, Castro Valley


Wants a Ban on Bradford’s Letters to the Forum



First, I want to thank the Forum for printing this letter because it either directly or indirectly could affect anyone writing a letter to the Forum.

To put it simply, Billy Bradford, a known gay activist, who has written letters to the Forum on pro-gay issues, has somehow underhandedly obtained my address and mailed me a letter  –  of course, leaving out his return address –  inviting me to some kind of a debate about gay issues.

It wasn’t enough that he wrote the same letter to the Forum previously. There were two others who wrote letters to the Forum who were mentioned in his letter. I assume they have also received a letter of invitation.

He also mentioned all his friends would be attending – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender.

This is nothing more than a letter of intimidation to try and silence others’ opposition, as well as an invasion of privacy.

I think most would agree that Billy Bradford should be banned from writing letters to the Forum.

Robert Stewart, Castro Valley



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