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Alleges Easy Treatment for Arrested San Leandro Officer


Despite the protestations to the contrary, I find District Attorney’s office spokeswoman Teresa Drenick’s assertion that there was no favoritism shown to former police officer Jason Fredrikson in the adjudication of his arrest and sentencing for drug crimes just a little difficult to swallow.

The providing of seized illegal drugs to a confederate, to be feloniously sold on the streets is serious business. It should not be treated like a traffic ticket scofflaw offense. We are constantly being told that no one is too big or above the law. This flies in the face of that premise big time.

Our nation is awash in crime. From the board rooms to the grimiest streets, criminals are victimizing us all. Until everyone is equal under the law, we will never get a handle on this. Does the DA’s office think anybody is buying this farce?

Vernon S. Burton, San Leandro




Village Marketplace Called ‘Signal Success’ for City


Village Marketplace is a signal success for the community of San Leandro, bringing a strong and high quality retail center to the heart of our downtown; and at a time when new retail development is an almost impossible challenge!

It is clear that Innisfree, the developer, and the tenants being brought in, see San Leandro and its future in highly positive terms. This is exciting news!

Village Marketplace represents a signal success of the City of San Leandro’s far reaching business development strategy (called Transit Oriented Development) that is designed to keep and attract businesses to our city center, all the way from our downtown to the San Leandro BART station and beyond, growing a healthy and burgeoning local economy.

Combine this strong success with the wicked-fast fiber optic system (Lit San Leandro) right now being installed in our city (one of only three in the entire Bay Area!), designed to serve a very large segment of our community, and San Leandro is at the beginning stages of becoming a World Class city! Why? Because we can now compete with the best, and we will!

David P. Johnson, President, CEO

San Leandro Chamber of Commerce




Grateful for Police and City’s Support of SL’s Schools


Each day, families entrust the teachers and staff of the San Leandro Unified School District with their most precious possession – their children. The safety of these 8,800 children is a serious challenge and our number one priority. Fortunately, we get a lot of help from the City of San Leandro.

Since the 1990s, the Police Department has provided Student Resource Officers to our campuses; this year we have been fortunate to have three full time officers. These Officers have special training to work with youth and their families and are a critical component to our comprehensive school safety plan.

Among many other important services, they help to maintain a positive school climate, work with the school to address truancy issues, and provide immediate emergency response. This year we honor Officers Louis Brandt (six years) and Deborah Trujillo (four years) who have provided  outstanding service at our high school and who are  both moving on to other opportunities within the Department. We will miss them both!

In addition to SROs, the City supports student safety by offsetting half the cost of the school crossing guard program and most recently by supporting an additional half time gang intervention specialist for our middle schools. The City’s support of this program will enable us to expand our highly successful gang violence prevention program ensuring that the program is at the high school and both middle schools keeping gang activity out of our schools.

Children today are facing unprecedented challenges; today more than ever, they need the support of caring adults to succeed. As a resident and a school board member, I am grateful that our City is a leader in helping provide the support our children need.

—Morgan Mack-Rose, President

SLUSD School Board




Says Copeland’s Complaint on O’Bama Doesn’t Ring True


San Leandro resident Mara Copeland (“Obama Campaign Recruiter Dismisses Disabled Person,” Letters, May 24) tries, in her letter of May 24th, to pin her experience with a caller recruiting campaign worker for activities in Reno on the views of the President Obama towards the disabled. It is my opinion that her letter instead reveals her willingness to participate in that same old story we see every day where anti-Obama forces try to blame President Obama for everything that is wrong with America.

The timeline she describes in her story just does not make sense and if it doesn’t make sense then it’s not true. She argues that her rejection as a suitable candidate was based solely on identifying herself as being disabled. Since she clearly states her opinion of Obama later in her letter I have to question why she would engage with the recruiter in the first place.

She knew from the caller’s opening statement that she was politcally unsuitable for the job. By her telling, it appears she was interested in a free trip to Reno and when that was not offered she created a fuss.

Trip paid for or not, disabled or not, Copeland was not a suitable candidate from the moment President Obama’s name was mentioned. Even if she could pick up the phone and read cue cards, which is not what

the campaigns are looking for, her disability had nothing to do her worth and usefulness for this job. She may have been ultimately geographically, transport restricted, or even monetarily undesirable but it is her political views that made her undesirable for this job.

Copeland’s prior letters to this publication show that she feels strongly about treatment of seniors and the disabled, but this recent submission is just another anti-Obama cheap shot.

John Clouston, San Leandro




Next Target for Enforcement Should Be Car Boom-Boxes


An article in last week’s Times reported the SLPD was concentrating on seat-belt citations for a period of time. In law enforcement circles this is known as targeted enforcement. A prior example of this was looking for cell phone violators during the morning commute downtown.

The next targeted enforcement activity should be related to sound amplification systems, better known as boom boxes. Section 27007 of the California Vehicle Code states anything audible 50 feet or more from inside a vehicle is a violation.

So far the work force and your everyday citizen have been targeted and now it’s time for the knuckleheads to pay their dues. In addition, boom box stops have a definite higher percentage of discovering criminal activity than the other two, in other words a better bang for the taxpayers’ buck.

Bob Oliver, San Leandro



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