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Thursday, 14 June 2012 14:35



The Oro Loma Sanitary District recently gave out cash prizes to local students who entered their poster contest to promote recycling.

Over 2,000 students in San Leandro and San Lorenzo entered the Oro Loma Sanitary District’s 2012 Earth Day poster contest, and the winners were announced recently.

Oro Loma gave out $24,000 in prizes for students and matching funds for their schools.

This year’s theme was “Ride the Recycle Cycle” and many of the young artists incorporated a bicycle into their posters.

First-place winners won $700, second-place winners took home $500, and third-place winners got $300 from Oro Loma, and there were also special kindergarten “recycle star” winners.

In the first- and second-grade division, Hailey Lau won first place, Krystal Kwan won second place, and Levina La won third — they are all from Chinese Christian School.

061412sch1In the third- and fourth-grade division, Kassandra Burciaga from Dayton Elementary School won first, Ginger Lau from Chinese Christian School won second, and Jedikayle Serna from Fairview Elementary School won third.

In the fifth- and sixth-grade division, Winnie Lai from Washinton Mano Middle School won first, Sanhya Nath from Corvallis Elementary School won second, and Isabella De Leon from St. Felicitas School took third.

In the seventh- and eighth-grade division, Stephanie Polanco from Washington Manor Middle School won first place, Leslie Morales from Bohannon Middle School won second place, and Melissa Meyer from St. Felicitas School won third.

In the ninth- and tenth-grade division, all of the winners were from San Lorenzo High — Hao Truong won first place, Jorge Galvan took second place, and Duoc Nguyen won third place.

In the eleventh- and twelfth-grade division, Jose Galvan of San Lorenzo High won first, Kimberly Szeto of Arroyo High won second, and Darren Luu of San Leandro High took third.


CAPTION: Kassandra Burciaga from Dayton Elementary School won $700 for her Earth Day poster.