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Truck Crash Illustrates Importance of Neighborhood Communications


On June 14th, a Waste Management truck careened out of control down our steep street. Although there was significant property damage, we are fortunate no one was injured.

Neighbors and local emergency services personnel provided a rapid response for which they should be commended.

Neighbors checked for injuries and ruptured gas pipes, and they blocked drivers from encountering downed electrical wires.

Within minutes, the Fire Department arrived, followed shortly by the Sheriff’s office, an ambulance and others. Not knowing the extent of the damage, they arrived quickly and in significant numbers. Had there been injuries, they were prepared.

Safety was the priority, and these public servants guided our neighbors out of harm’s way while taking all necessary precautions.

Thank you to our emergency service personnel for their prompt and professional response, and thank you to my good neighbors.

This incident highlights the importance of being able to contact your neighbors.  My husband recommends every neighborhood have their own GEORGE (Get Everyone Onboard Response Exchange) list and share your home/cell/work phone numbers with your good neighbors.

Paula Haywood, Castro Valley

Park Police Commended for Fast

Action in Rock-Throwing Incident


I would like to commend the Chabot Park personnel and the East Bay Regional Park District Police for their prompt attention and action to an incident on Sunday June 10 at Lake Chabot.

My wife and I witnessed two teenagers and two adults aftermath of one of them throwing a rock at a family of ducks. I only saw their dog barking at the injured duckling but I immediately went down to the water and pulled the duckling out. Unfortunately it died.

Walking out I just glared at the individuals and they did not say a word. However, another fisherman who had been nearby witnessed the rock- throwing and subsequently we reported it to the park employees.

The park employees called the EBRPD and my wife and I spoke to the officer on their way to speak with the individuals. Thank you for this.

Dan Dalton, Fairview

A ‘Thank You’ to Sheriff’s Office

And California Highway Patrol


With all the recent successful arrests of criminals and thugs in the last few weeks, it’s time to extend a great big “thank you” to our Sheriff, his department and the California Highway Patrol.

They are doing a superb job and many of us truly appreciate their dangerous work to protect all of Castro Valley.

Frank and Maggie Alhino, Castro Valley

Letter-Writer Had it Wrong; Newly

Remodeled UPS Store Not Closing


In last week’s Letters to the Editor page there was misrepresentation about our business, The UPS Store (“Staggered by Number of Business Closings in Castro Valley,” Letters, June 13).

First of all, we are still open for business in the Lucky Shopping Center. We are neither located in the Village nor are we closed. In fact, we are located at 20885 Redwood Road, in Lucky Shopping Center for over 15 years.

We just actually remodeled our store. Our store is open seven days a week for business. Our hours of operations are Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

We are looking forward to having a Big Grand Re-Opening of our business in the next month or two. Our staff at the store includes Cora (Manager), Melinda and Tanya (Associates). I know most of you know who these people are and experienced a “Great Customer Service.”

Look for our Grand Re-Opening information in coming months. Again we are open for business and looking forward to serving you. Please come and visit our store and let us know about our “new look.”

The UPS Store, Castro Valley

Kudos to Three Local Businesses:

‘Best Customer Service Around’


I wholeheartedly seek to support local business, especially independently/family owned in town.

First, Knudsen’s Creamery is our standout favorite lunch and dinner spot. Period. Their ice cream has spoiled us for any other brand no matter where we go.

Next, you can’t beat Pete’s Hardware. My husband needs doo-dads for our reef tank plumbing or we need household supplies.

Finally, we do most of our grocery shopping at Al’s Market because it is the corner market that makes me feel like I am in Mayberry.

All of these wonderful establishments have the best customer service around. They have all the knowledge you need them to have, social skills, sense of humor and they care.

At Al’s, they actually take your cart for you to your car! I can’t praise all three enough! I would, though, love to have an independent bookstore such as Compass Books or Books, Inc. in town.

Kim Loisel, Castro Valley

Tired of Reading the Same Points

Of View from Frequent Letter-Writers


Unlike Mr. Stewart, I would never think of banning anybody who wishes to express their First Amendment right by writing letters to the Forum.

I would, however, request that Forum editors exclude from editorials those who write over and over again expressing the same point of view.

We get it already!

Mr. Stewart believes that the Judicial branch of government that has been around for over 200 years should be eliminated because all issues can simply be decided by the vote of the people.

Stacy Spink believes that we all should follow whatever is in the Bible, forget the Constitution that America was built on and, oh, that part about “All Men Are Created Equal,” just forget about that, too.

Regular Forum readers like myself fully understand both Mr. Stewart and Mr. Spink’s point of view. How could we not? We see these two names in the op-ed section at least once each and every month.

So I ask of Forum editors, do you think perhaps enough is enough and we can now put to rest the opionions of Stewart and Spink so we can hear from others in the community?

Charles Scott, Castro Valley

A Quota for Robert Stewart Letters?


This is in response to Matt Johanson’s letter (“Gay Issue Requires Fair-Minded To Become and Remain Involved,” Letters, June 13) directed to Robert Stewart.

I wish I could have saved you the time and trouble of writing a letter to “Robert Stewart.” I believe it mentioned something about how Mr. Stewart wanted letters from Billy Bradford banned from the Forum.

Like most people who read the CV Forum, Matt, you should know that rarely a week goes by and somehow, another letter from Robert Stewart finds its way into the Letters to the Editor section. A complaint about this or a rant about that.

I’ve often wondered if this person was just a figment of the Forum’s imagination to stir up back-page controversies just for the sake of stirring up controversy. It’s tough to say, really.

There is always an ax to grind for this guy and it’s always fit to print and published on the back page, like it or not. And apparently, Stewart feels like he is the arbiter of what is good or bad or print-worthy when it comes to these letters which he so frequently writes. And interestingly enough, the letters from Stewart are unquestionably print-worthy, no?

I’d say before Stewart decides who gets letters printed or not, perhaps he ought to have a quota himself. Instead of 52 letters per year, maybe let’s knock Mr. Stewart down to maybe twice a year? Save up those bones to pick and everything that’s annoying you, Mr. Stewart, and let it all out in two quality letters a year. Deal?

Nevertheless, I appreciated what you had to say, Matt. And Billy, for that matter!

Alex McMurray, Castro Valley

Says King’s Solution to Gay Marriage Debate Should be Implemented


I am in vigorous support of  Mr. King (“A Solution to the Gay Marriage Debate?” Letters, June 6).

His proposed solution, namely to get government out of the marriage business and have all citizens be granted legal civil unions, with identical civil and legal rights, undifferentiated between heterosexual or same sex, is logical and speaks to the proper separation of church and state.

Further, his notes on having religious organizations carry out their respective marriage ceremonies, without any civil or legal burdens seem appropriate.

One small caveat, however. It would still not be appropriate for the Federal Government to pass this kind of law, but rather the several states.

Finally, I note several published references to this issue.

First, when the California Supreme Court reviewed the constitutionality of a ban on same sex marriage, a relatively conservative justice asked each of the opposing lead counsels whether the civil union solution for all citizens, with marriage being reserved for religious institutions, would solve the underlying dispute. Both counsels affirmed this solution.

Second, the very conservative professor Douglas Kmiec of Pepperdine University in a 2008 op-ed in the SF Chronicle also made this proposal. Several other renowned authorities have also stated this view.

Third, European countries such as France and Germany have long had this separation of church and state in effect.

I’ve written in support of marriage equality before, but have often asked and thought that Mr. King’s proposed solution, which I support, should be implemented.

I don’t understand why these suggestions have never been seriously considered. It might now be too late for such a reasonable solution.

John Wiesner, Castro Valley

About That ‘Gay Marriage Forum’


I, too, received a letter from Billy Bradford about a potential debate, but while I would agree with Robert Stewart on other issues, I don’t share his perspective on this item.

Mr. Bradford’s invitation was very polite. His letters to the Forum are usually on-topic, he shows a sense of humor in sharing his perspectives, and he stands up for what  he believes in.

He doesn’t compare people to Hitler or describe their writing as “rants” just because they hold different opinions. Those are all good things.

I do not feel threatened that Mr. Bradford can use a phone book and look up my address.

Indeed, anybody who writes to their local paper is hardly trying to keep a low profile.

I have no idea how this debate will go, but it seems Mr. Bradford is doing a very good job of getting it organized. I was not sure about doing this at first, but having a free exchange of ideas in a public forum is a tremendous privilege not everyone in this country truly appreciates.

Mr. Bradford is working diligently to make this event happen and – as far as I am concerned – he (and everyone else involved) are to be commended.

Oh, and Mr. King, you are definitely on to something there....

Stacy Spink, Castro Valley



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