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‘Disappointed and Troubled’ Over Goodwill’s

Attempt to Establish a Castro Valley Store



This is an open letter to Supervisor Nathan Miley, President of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

I can’t begin to communicate how disappointed and troubled I was when I saw and read the article in the June 6, 2012 issue of the Castro Valley Forum regarding the Goodwill Store once again attempting to open a business on Castro Valley


According to the article the following statement was made by the Goodwill Store’s Vice President of Community Affairs (and I quote):  “...we met with a lot of folks in town who did not want us in that location but we are very interested in being in Castro Valley.”

I have to ask the Goodwill Store what part of that quoted statement don’t they understand?

They claim there will be no dumping because their contributions are collected inside the facility. How do they guarantee that? This area is very close to the entrance to Castro Valley Boulevard. Is that what everyone wants to see upon entering Castro Valley?

I’ve been a resident of Castro Valley since January of 1966 and have never seen the community in such disarray, i.e. road work in several areas simultaneously, traffic conditions as they are and, not to mention, businesses closing.

Instead of opening a Goodwill Store (which many of us do not want), why not ask the community what we want and help complete the projects that are responsible for a lot of businesses closing.

Linda Mahadevan

Castro Valley


Says She’ll Never Go Into a Church Where a

Same-Sex Wedding is Held



I look forward to reading the Forum. I also liked to read the Letters to the Editor until it turned into the pro and con homosexual subject.

I really don’t care that Billy Bradford is – and Mr. Spink and Mr. Stewart are not. In this secular state, I believe that same-sex marriages will pass, either with the throwing-out of our votes or by court order! But I don’t think that will satisfy them.

I believe they will then want “big church” wedding, as some “churches” have already done. Those “churches” are ones I will never go to, because, Charles Scott, there are still some of us who still believe in the teachings of the Bible and God’s churches!

So please, all of you who want to debate one way or the other, please go to the debates at the Library and give us a break!

I have never understood why the homosexuals have made their private preferences public.

Here is a thought for those who support same-sex marriages. There are many marriage laws you will have to change. Also, the definitions in the dictionary on “marriage,” “consummate,” and “annulment” to name three. Maybe this can be debated at your meeting.

Now, let’ get to the important things to all people.

Mary Valens

Castro Valley


Seeking Witness to June 5 Accident in

Castro Valley



On Tuesday, June 5, 2012, at 5 p.m., there was an accident at the corner of Marshall Street and Castro Valley Blvd. Center Street was blocked off due to CHP and the Alameda County Sheriff hunting for a fugitive.

If anyone was a witness to that accident, we would greatly appreciate it if you would call Tom or Claudia at 510-537-8986 or 510-409- 3778.

Thank you.

Claudia Paquette

Castro Valley




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