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Calls on School District to Reinstate Programs, Services


After several months of school board news, including Geoff Landreau’s letter (“‘Dismayed’ Over School Plans To Increase Class Sizes,” Letters, May 31), I suggest we urge the San Leandro Unified School District policy-makers to put to use the taxpayer funds legally available, to reinstate as many of the programs and services cut from our school children as possible.

It appears the money was available in the first place, to not have those same programs and jobs cut. If every School Board member was present and punctual at their meetings this may not have happened. They all were not present.

Furthermore, the school district has money in the bank beyond that required for reserves! In fact, SLUSD’s unrestricted budget funds have steadily increased each year, from as far back as 2005.

On top of that, the 2011-12 Second Interim Report projects a 10.63 percent Unrestricted Ending Balance. So, why has it cut so many programs and jobs?

The County and State did not force these cuts. What benefit is it to not save jobs and services that advance the learning of our children?

Finally, why hasn’t the majority of the school board decided to use the surplus to reinstate programs and jobs that support the education of our community’s school kids and just maintain the 3 percent mandated dollar reserves!

If my understanding is somehow in error, kindly set me straight.  Our children deserve a free, quality, public education.

Vince J. Rosato

Block Captain and Teacher

San Leandro




Accuses Officials of Ignoring Important Issues


Instead of our elected officials concentrating on important issues like jobs, the economy and international matters, they’re busy with their personal matters.

I recommend a book titled “Amateur” by Edward Klein.

This is a book you don’t want to put down. I recommend reading chapter 13 first, then chapter one, etc. I hoped I was just reading a novel but this book is reality. Most book stores are out of stock but they will order some more.

Earl Cava

San Leandro




After 60 Years, He’s Leaving San Leandro


With today being the 60th anniversary of living in San Leandro, I’d like to remember things like going to bed as a kid listening to cows making weird noises in Bay-O-Vista before houses were built, the CHP office on old U.S. 50 where the current Grand Avenue-Downtown exit is on I-580, playing Babe Ruth baseball at the old San Leandro Ball Park where home plate was about 50 feet from the bus exit at the San Leandro BART station, or going to the end of First Avenue which is now Marina Blvd., and learning how to skip stones in the bay waters at Neptune Drive where the road ended at a dead sign.

I’m moving to a city that is a lot like San Leandro was 50 years ago, cars parked where they should be, which is not on a lawn. You can leave your windows open without fear of a residential robbery, and you can leave your firearm at home when going to Safeway after dark.

As one SLPD officer said to me recently, we’re getting squeezed on both sides, Oakland on one and, as I refer to it the Oakland annex on the other, formerly known as Ashland.

It’s been a lifetime, but the time has come. For the longtime tax paying property owners that are still here, good luck.

Bob Oliver

Formerly of San Leandro




Blasts Romney and Obama Positions on Immigration


Romney’s lame explanation on his position about illegal immigration is not any different from Obama’s same lame excuse for not enforcing the immigration law: “Because is the right thing to do.”

This is a baseless and twisted logic on why the law should be overlooked in the case of minors who were brought illegally into the country, instead of seeing this for what it is – just another wedge to keep avoiding the enforcement of the law, but, most importantly, to keep on chipping on the labor law that prohibits illegal scabs from working in this country.

As for the Republicans supposedly opposing Obama’s policy on this issue, we should only remember Ronald Reagan’s amnesty, George W. Bush’s “compassion” policy, and the lame response from Mitt Romney.

It is not that Obama or Romney are afraid of losing “Latino votes,” illegals don’t vote. What they’re afraid of is to lose the financial support of the corporations who love cheap labor.

Actually, Romney’s Bain Capital specialized in buying companies in financial trouble in order to dismantle them, in most cases firing union workers and then reopening the operation somewhere else with illegal scabs at a third of the previous wages.

In some cases, the operation has been restarted at the same facility after a period of time allowed for the disbanding of the previous workforce.

The reporter Neil Munro was right on point with his question about favoring foreigners to U.S. workers who are filing on the unemployment line. Obama, hypocritically, berated him for interrupting, telling him to wait until he was finished speaking.

When Obama was finished speaking, he turned around and didn’t take any question. That’s the cowardly policy embraced by Mel Lavine; a policy that doesn’t have a supporting argument other than “because it is the right thing to do.” This is the same argument that justifies Obama’s assassination list.

Leo T. West

San Leandro






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