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Where to Go, What to Do If Your Pet Goes Missing


Everyone should know that the Alameda County Animal Control Shelter (the Fairmont Animal Shelter), located at the top of Fairmont Drive bordering Castro Valley and San Leandro  is closed and scheduled for demolition.

The new Alameda County Animal Control/Shelter is located in Dublin at 4595 Gleason Drive, phone 925-803-7040. This shelter handles Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, parts of Hayward and parts of San Leandro (see other shelters below).

To get there, drive east on I-580, turn off at the Santa Rita Exit, head north several blocks, and turn left onto Gleason Drive. The animal shelter will be on the right.

Pet owners please take note that dogs will run for miles even days when spooked by firecrackers and subsequently may end up in an animal shelter far from your home.

You may have lost your dog in Castro Valley, but if your dog makes it through Crow Canyon Road into Contra Costa County then your dog may be at the animal shelter in Martinez.  The location where you lost your dog is irrelevant - you need to check all of these shelters:

Your lost pet could be at any one of these shelters:

• Alameda County Animal Control/Shelter (see above)

• City of Hayward Animal Control/Shelter, 16 Barnes Court (off Jackson St.), Hayward

• Oakland Animal Control/Shelter, 1101 29th Ave., Oakland

• Tri City Animal Shelter, 1950 Stevenson Blvd., Fremont

• Contra Costa Animal Control/Shelter, 4800 Imhoff Place, Martinez

Go to these shelters and go often. Talk to the people who work there and tell them you want to look in the kennels. While at the shelters file your lost-pet reports, but don’t leave it at that. You must keep going back to these shelters every couple of days to look.

Also ask to look at the “Found” reports and “DOA” reports (someone may have found your dog and filed a report, but may have chosen not to take it to a shelter.)

Make and post at least 300 lost pet signs and post them everywhere possible and post an ad on “Craig’s List” lost and found.  The Castro Valley Forum and Leandro Times will place your lost pet ad at no charge, and if your pet has a micro chip call the micro chip company and let them know your pet is missing and be sure to update your phone number and address.

Remember do not give up!

—Janice Baptista, Castro Valley




Fears City Won’t Survive If Hospital ER Is Closed


I have been fighting since 1999, being disabled and in the position of caregiver for my husband who needed back surgeries for shattered discs at the age of 43, and then for a stroke at age 55 caused by a diabetic coma, yet he came home.

Since that time they have wanted to close the Emergency Room and other parts of San Leandro Hospital. The paramedics, police and firefighters told me if he didn’t make it quickly to the ER, he would be dead.

In 2010, I had a stroke. Same thing, the paramedics and firefighters came and took me to SL Hospital ER. I would not be writing this letter if it were not for the awesome people all working together. I’m also grateful to the doctors, the respiratory department, the nurses and all the techs and the x-ray department.

How can they let a couple of judges decide something so crucial to our community? At a trial, a jury decides. No one has respect for human life anymore. This community will not survive if they close the ER and parts of the hospital and convert a large portion to rehab. There are plenty of rehabs already in San Leandro and the surrounding area.

What are we going to do about this, just give up? When is our vote our say as United States citizens going to mean something again?

Mara Copeland, San Leandro

No More Bad-Mouthing by Former San Leandrans


After 60 years in town, Bob Oliver (Letters, June 28) doesn’t have to worry about going to bed as a kid, listening to cows. Now he has to worry about health care and can he find someone to put him to bed, and if he has any incontinence, can he find someone to help him. While moving on is always good, in this case, good riddance.

Don’t bad-mouth my town because it’s changing. Ask yourself why you stayed so long.

Larry Arnold, San Leandro




Who Will Appoint Next Justices to Supreme Court?


While the majority of the American people understandingly feel that the most important issue facing them is the economy in this presidential election, there is another issue to consider. Whoever is president might pick one or two new Supreme Court justices. The court’s decisions affect everyone’s lives.

When it comes to the rights of Indigenous People in this country, this conservative court has been hostile. In April 2009, the court rejected payment for the Navajo Nations in Arizona from the Peabody Coal Company for mining in their homeland in which the Navajo suffer sickness from the mining.

Also, the court upheld the decision, also in Arizona, to allow the city of Flagstaff to dispose of wastewater at San Francisco Peak which American Indians worship. The court’s actions against Indigenous People’s sovereignty will continue if Mitt Romney becomes president where he no doubt will pick one or two conservative judges.

Billy Trice, Jr., Oakland





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