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Says Anti-Goodwill Store Sentiment Shows

How Far We’ve Fallen from American Ideals



Last week’s letter “‘Disappointed and Troubled’ Over Goodwill’s Attempt to Establish a Castro Valley Store,” (Letters, June 27) which represented residents opposed to the opening of a Goodwill Store in Castro Valley, displayed how far we have fallen from the ideals which helped make America great.

Goodwill has a method of donation collection which is meant to prevent overnight dumping of donations. The letter writer concedes this, but presumes dumping will happen anyway.

This seems bizarre and unfair. Would a business which had graffiti sprayed on its walls while it was closed be responsible for having caused that temporary blight?

The letter also seemed to claim that the only cause of business closures in town are the road projects underway. The writer wants us to ignore the fact that we are still suffering the effects of the massive financial crash which took place before the 2008 Presidential election.

Castro Valley residents lost their jobs through no fault of their own; many who have found new work are making much less than they were.

It is more truthful to conclude that the chief cause of business closures in recent years is that residents in the region don’t have money they can spend to support local businesses.

These neighbors in Castro Valley and other towns would be helped by the goods and prices Goodwill provides. By the way, Goodwill is a business as well as a charity. Why would we want to prevent a business from running itself out of a shop which is currently empty?

I was born and raised in the East Bay. Goodwill, the Salvation Army, St.. Vincent de Paul and other providers of donated goods at discount prices were seen as great organizations.

It disappoints me to see people trying to deny these important businesses to Americans who need them.

Doug Jones, San Leandro


Where to Go and What to Do If Your Pet Goes

Missing Today or At Any Time



Everyone should know that the Alameda County Animal Control Shelter (the Fairmont Animal Shelter), located at the top of Fairmont Drive bordering Castro Valley and San Leandro  is closed and scheduled for demolition.

The new Alameda County Animal Control/Shelter is located in Dublin at 4595 Gleason Drive, phone 925-803-7040. This shelter handles Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, parts of Hayward and parts of San Leandro (see other shelters below). To get there, drive east on I-580, turn off at the Santa Rita Exit, head north several blocks, and turn left onto Gleason Drive. The animal shelter will be on the right.

Pet owners please take note that dogs will run for miles even days when spooked by firecrackers and subsequently may end up in an animal shelter far from your home.

You may have lost your dog in Castro Valley, but if your dog makes it through Crow Canyon Road into Contra Costa County then your dog may be at the animal shelter in Martinez.  The location where you lost your dog is irrelevant - you need to check all of these shelters:

Your lost pet could be at any one of these shelters:

•Alameda County Animal Control/Shelter (see above)

•City of Hayward Animal Control/Shelter

16 Barnes Court (off Jackson St.), Hayward

•Oakland Animal Control/Shelter, 1101 29th Ave., Oakland

•Tri City Animal Shelter, 1950 Stevenson Blvd. , Fremont

•Contra Costa Animal Control/Shelter, 4800 Imhoff Place,


Go to these shelters and go often. Talk to the people who work there and tell them you want to look in the kennels. While at the shelters file your lost-pet reports, but don’t leave it at that. You must keep going back to these shelters every couple of days to look.

Also ask to look at the “Found” reports and “DOA” reports (someone may have found your dog and filed a report, but may have chosen not to take it to a shelter.)

Make and post at least 300 lost pet signs and post them everywhere possible and post an ad on “Craig’s List” lost and found.  The Castro Valley Forum and Leandro Times will place your lost pet ad at no charge, and if your pet has a micro chip call the micro chip company and let them know your pet is missing and be sure to update your phone number and address.

Remember do not give up!

—Janice Baptista, Castro Valley


Thanks to All Who Made Dusty Paws’ Dog

Wash and BBQ Such a Success



Dusty Paws Rescue would like to give a huge “thank you” to our local Pet Food Express store manager, Sean, and his wonderful, enjoyable staff for allowing us to hold our Dog Wash and BBQ event at that location on Saturday, June 30th. We would also like to thank Pet Food Express Corporation for supporting us in this endeavor, as well.

Dusty Paws Rescue could not have done this event without the help of over 20 loyal volunteers who spent hours bending, stooping, lifting, lowering, carrying, brushing and combing 102 dogs and one cat; and our crew at the check in table, the BBQ area and our “sales” table all  make it happen.

Of course – I’m sure that these volunteers just loved getting licks and tail-wags and barks for “more, more, more!”

We thank the community who brought their companion animals to this event; Redwood Animal Hospital who loaned their grooming tables; Classy Canine for their huge donation of food, water, and shampoo and Stacey Earl Professional Pet Stylist of Castro Valley who spent hours clipping nails.

The money donated will help us sustain our foster program so if you are interested in fostering and/or volunteering please feel free to contact us.

Diane Meranda, Castro Valley

President & Co-Founder


Spink Advises Letter-Writing Critics to

Speak for Themselves



I wish to congratulate Carol Sholin (“Concerned Over Prejudice Expressed in Letters to the Editor,” Letters, June 13) on honing her psychic abilities to the point that she can actually tell what others are thinking. Most  impressive.

I used the example of public bathrooms to illustrate a social convention where segregation by gender is accepted. It was a corollary.

Mr. Scott (“Tired of Reading the Same Points Of View from Frequent Letter-Writers,” Letters, June 20), I have not mentioned the Bible at all this year - and yet you can accurately state my beliefs about it? Wow, I have got to sign up for that mind-reading course you and Carol got into! And that quote about “all men are created equal”? It was written by men who held others in bondage and counted them (for census purposes) as only three-fifths of a person. If you don’t read the entire quote, in context, you can draw erroneous conclusions.

Please speak for yourselves, everyone. You don’t need to speak for me or others – because then you have to assume.  And we all know the results of that....

Stacy Spink, Castro Valley





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