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County, Not Construction Co.,

Faulted for Streetscape Delays



I take extreme umbrage at recent accusations in print (Page One, The Forum, July 4) against Ghilotti Construction Company and their performance on the Castro Valley Streetscape Project.


My firm had the distinct pleasure of working closely beside Ghilotti Construction on a complex public works project for the County of Marin in 2009. The Marin County Health and Wellness Center was several times the net value of the CV Streetscape.

Our two firms exceeded expectations and delivered our work on time and on budget.

I recommend that the public look directly to their elected officials and the supporting bureaucracies when attempting to assign blame for schedule and cost overruns.

Unforeseen conditions impacting cost and schedule are unfortunately “par for the course” on nearly every construction project with which I have been associated in my over 25-year career.

Invariably, the cause can be directly related to the failure on the part of government agencies or property owners to maintain appropriate historical files on work previously installed.

Asbuilt drawings are mandatory turnover items before a Contractor receives final payment. I pray that asbuilt drawings of underground utility improvements for this project will be archived in order that future generations will not have to pay for our incompetency.

Five thousand dollars per day liquidated damages should be paid by those who are responsible and it isn’t always the Contractor.

Karl Herzer, Castro Valley



Says Lack of Good Will, Not

Goodwill, Threatens CV’s Image



I’m surprised by the lack of “good will” in Castro Valley.  Linda Mahadevan’s open letter to Supervisor Miley (Letters, June 27) regarding the Goodwill coming to town shocked and saddened me when I read it.

First, Goodwill is a wonderful company that provides many beneficial community services. They are dedicated to training and employing local people and their efforts are partially funded with the proceeds from their neighborhood thrift stores.

Secondly, thrift stores in general are a god-send for local families during tough economic times. Where else can you get brand-new clothes with retail tags still attached for a fraction of retail prices?

Concerns about messiness at a Goodwill Thrift Store are unfounded as indoor drop-offs are their policy. If residents are too lazy to drop-off goods during the store’s long stretches of business hours, the problem resides with the residents (better known as “us”), not with the Goodwill.

The Goodwill Thrift Store is a good business to support in Castro Valley as it promotes community-building, stimulates economic growth, and provides much needed goods at a discount. A local sense of good will could be energized by supporting them.

Castro Valley’s character isn’t threatened by the presence of a Goodwill Thrift Store, it’s threatened by those who lack good will and compassion towards their neighbors.

Piper McKnight, Hayward

No Patience with Sign Misspelling



People seem to be very concerned about what a Goodwill Store will do to Castro Valley’s image.

While I am not for that store going into CV, I am currently more concerned about the electronic sign at the corner of Castro Valley Blvd. and Redwood Road. Somehow “Thanks for your patients” does not convey an image I want to represent my community. Doesn’t anyone proofread anymore?

Midge Lewis, Castro Valley


Calls for Rep. Pete Stark’s Ouster



I believe it is high time Pete Stark was eliminated from the political arena in the Bay Area.

Here is a man who has lived on the East Coast for years, and only comes to California once or twice a year to cast a vote. He is no longer in touch with the local community, and his views have become outdated and irrelevant to the current times.

It is time for a new Democratic leader in the East Bay, particularly since the new boundaries have come into play. I, for one, cannot vote for someone who is not invested enough in my community to live here.

Robert Thomas, Castro Valley

Thanks CVI for Son’s Scholarship



I want to thank Castro Valley Independent Sports League for the scholarship they awarded my son, Desmond Bradford, at the end of the season.

Desi started with CVI when he was 5 years old and played with them from T-ball through the Intermediate Division. He worked in the snack bar, on the BBQ and as an umpire.

Desi just graduated from CVHS and is heading to Chabot to hopefully play with the Gladiators, advancing the baseball skills he honed through many years at CVI.

We truly appreciate what Castro Valley Independent brings not only to my son, but to all the kids in the Castro Valley area and Desi is honored to have been chosen for the scholarship. Thank you CVI!

Billy & Desi Bradford, Castro Valley


Blasts Court’s Healthcare Ruling



Chief Justice Roberts claimed that ObamaCare was constitutional under the “Congressional taxing power.” This is absurd.

The “taxing power” was only intended to raise revenue. That is all. It was never intended to force “mandates” on people. It was never intended to force people to do whatever the government wants.

So Roberts claims that the government can impose “taxes” as a way to compel personal behavior, so long as the government has some “legitimate purpose” in mind, such as keeping health costs lower.

Well, what if the government decides that everyone should run four miles each day, in order to reduce our health care costs? And if you fail to obey this new mandate the government will “tax” you.

Obviously this health care penalty is not a “tax” because it is not intended to raise revenue. It is a really a “fine,” because it is only imposed upon citizens who fail to obey a federal law. It is a penalty, not a “tax.”

The power to tax was never intended as a blank check to give unlimited power to the federal government. But these five renegade judges have done just that. In doing so, they completely ignored the original intent behind our Constitution. With their “revisionist” method of interpretation, they think they can re-interpret the Constitution to mean whatever they want it to mean.

If we fail to follow the original interpretation of the Constitution, then our government is unrestricted by any permanent law. And if there is no permanent law, then you have no permanent rights. We no longer live under the “Rule of Law.” We now live under the “Rule of Men.” The Constitution is now whatever our rulers want it to be.

Look, if you liberals want ObamaCare, then do it the right way: the legal way: i.e. with an amendment to the Constitution!! But for five jackasses in bathrobes to change the meaning of the Constitution all on their own is tyranny.

Has anyone mentioned that the Constitution does not even give the Supreme Court this power?  God help America.

Peter Hauer, Castro Valley

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