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Friday, 13 July 2012 21:44



Earl Cava (left) and his band dressed for the occasion.

By Earl Cava
Special to the Times

Of all the different types of gigs I’ve worked, the nudist colony was a night to remember.

I got a call from Buzzy, who had a trio, asking me if I ever worked a nudist colony gig. I said, no, but it sounds interesting, so count me in.

I asked Buzzy, “Is there a dress code?”

He answered, “Wear your birthday suit.”

Not knowing for sure if he was kidding, I brought both my bass guitar and the upright bass. I could play the upright and hide behind it if necessary.

Buzzy gave me the directions to the Sequoia Nudist Colony in Castro Valley, which I never knew existed.

As I approached the main gate I was greeted by three women in their birthday suits. They gave me directions to the club and told me the dance started at 8 o’clock.

People always ask, did we play in our birthday suits? We dodged the answer as I am doing now.

We took our first break and talked to the club members. There were friendly and the nicest bunch of people.



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