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Warns Marina About to be Lost to Commercial and Residential Development


“This would be the greatest achievement in the history of San Leandro.” This statement was made in the report by the Citizens Shoreline Executive Committee, Walter McLean, Chairman, in 1957.

The report discussed the need and possibilities for shoreline development and a small craft basin. The many recreational facilities were detailed. That statement and the benefits are true today.

As population increases, the need is even greater for recreation facilities. On the shoreline, San Leandro has the natural advantages to do that. However, this area is about to be lost to commercial and residential development. The public would lose the opportunity to park on the shoreline to see the boats on the open water. The harbor is not just for boat owners; it is for the public’s viewing enjoyment.

But something happened along the way. The harbor was neglected. The city was negligent in pursuing help from Washington, D.C., or promoting the waterfront activities to the public. The ideas and suggestions for maintaining the marina fell on deaf ears.

Someone got the idea that “progress” meant “cover everything with buildings.” The marina, if developed properly, could pay for itself if the higher quality of life enters into the equation.

If you recognize and value the civic pride and the economic benefits to be derived from an active marina and deep water harbor, now is the time to say, “Stop the over-development: Save the boat harbor!” We don’t get a second chance. This is the opportunity – and the responsibility – for the city to heed the needs and the desires of its own citizens.

Audrey Albers, San Leandro




Asks Why No Arrests Made During July 4 ‘War Zones’


Another July 4th that turned our neighborhoods into war zones and – as reported by our own police department – not one arrest. Exactly what does “zero tolerance” mean to this police department? No wonder the criminals are winning. They all know this town turns a blind eye to their own laws.

Come out of hiding, Chief Spagnoli, and explain to the tax-paying citizens why no one was arrested, despite your own “Daily Log” reporting numerous “disturbance calls” all night on July 4. Oh yeah, I guess the chief couldn’t hear all the illegal fireworks from the comfort of her San Carlos home.

Donna Mitchell, San Leandro




Says San Leandro Has Declined in Last 40 Years


When I read Bob Oliver’s comments (“After 60 Years, He’s Leaving San Leandro,” Letters, June 28), I thought he was on point. Our town has declined on all fronts over the last 40 years. In that span we’ve had all self-serving mayors, town councils, and school district boards.

That all said, we then expect the San Leandro Police Department to hold back the tide of Oakland’s crime that spills over to our City. We currently have a mayor that is out in front supporting alternative families which is leading to the dysfunction in our schools. And if you don’t like it, you excoriated for it. Your called a hater.

Who decided what lifestyle should be taught to my children? That’s our job as Parents. Did any of us get to vote on that ? No. Now let’s talk about public safety. Is San Leandro as safe today than say just 20 years ago? No. Especially violent crimes; just look at the statistics. They’ve become so bad that the police department has been suppressing the police reports.

In a news story a few weeks ago, the headline read, “Teens with Guns, Man with Bullets, Drug Store Robbed.” Now is that badmouthing, Mr. Arnold (“No More Bad-Mouthing By Former San Leandrans,” Letters, July 5), when the San Leandro Times reports such crimes? You must read the articles that we all read. Oh that’s right, I forgot, after 60 years (the amount of time Mr. Oliver is referring to) as your town slowly declines.

Do like they did in Oakland – just take it, be tolerant, let the neighborhoods become overrun by criminals. Even the Times in their Police Blotter won’t describe a suspect, they just say he or she was from Oakland or Hayward. That’s all part of the progressive liberal brainwashing led by radical far-left civic and public education officials, combined with biased media that we are subjected to.

Kurt Herndomn

San Leandran since 1961




San Leandro Needs to Clean Its Sidewalks


My friend and I recently decided to try a night out in San Leandro rather than visiting a neighboring city. It was most disturbing walking to the restaurant and finding trash (one garbage can was not emptied, spewing garbage everywhere) and filthy, dirty sidewalks.

We even picked up some trash and put it into the garbage cans. I kept making excuses to my friend for the mess.

I find it amazing that the City of San Leandro is trying to recruit new businesses, given the state of the downtown along East 14th. Is this the image we want to portray to our new business partners such as Kaiser or those being encouraged to join the fiber-optic loop?

If the City does not have the funds to clean up the sidewalks then may I make a suggestion? Let’s have the business owners cleanup outside of their businesses. If they don’t want to do it, then let’s have citizens volunteer our time to clean up our downtown.

Our downtown has the potential to become one of the best along the coastline of the San Francisco Bay, and at the very least, we should try to keep it clean and sanitary.

The image of our downtown reflects who we are, and we do not deserve to endure the public embarrassment of trash-filled sidewalks and streets or graffiti-laden storefronts.

I am hoping for change here in San Leandro; this requires community involvement, and only those who really care about our downtown have the power to change it.

Johanne Dictor, San Leandro




Suspects Bigger Political Ambitions for Starosciack


So Councilwoman Starosciack is stepping down from her post.

I can understand her leaving shortly before her term ends; her children should come first. However, what I don’t buy is her being done with politics. She is moving to the Sacramento area, near the seat of California government. I had a feeling that during her campaign that she had her eyes on something bigger than San Leandro.

I guess her “emotional distress” after her defeat is what kept her from being out and about after the election. I can’t recall seeing my representative at an event once since late 2010. Maybe I’ve missed her, though.

However as someone who is also dealing with the decision to leave her hometown, I wish her luck. And that whatever she does in the future she’ll remember San Leandro.

Jamie Radley, San Leandro



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