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Has More Questions on Streetscape



Robert Souza’s July 4 article indicated that the debacle on Castro Valley Boulevard is now slated to be completed in November. The excuses stated were rain, project changes and unexpected utility work.

(1) Anyone who lived here last winter, and I’m sure Ghilotti management did not, knows it was a pretty dry season. Most of our rain came late, so it didn’t coincide with the holiday period. The work stoppage for the holiday season allegedly was for merchants, but I seriously doubt they profited much. How many merchants have gone out of business during this project?

(2) Who made the project changes? Can we know that? What led up to the need for changes and what were they? Sweeping generalizations are not helpful, but if someone made a mistake, and owns up to it, I could respect that.

(3) Why was the utility work unexpected? Aren’t records kept on what and where underground utilities are located so workers know where they should not dig? A one-week delay is not acceptable.

This project extends nearly a mile from Redwood Road beyond San Miguel. Wouldn’t it be possible for workers to simply move away from the unexpected utility work, instead of stopping altogether?

(4) Why was the sidewalk in front of the Adobe Center, outside the stated boundaries of the project and probably the newest sidewalk in Castro Valley, destroyed?

Carlene Tillson, Castro Valley


Quick Action on Road Sign Request



I’ve had numerous friends come to see me who got lost because they couldn’t find Lake Chabot Road. You don’t see a sign coming up Estudillo until you actually reach Lake Chabot Road.  So I went to the city, shot some pictures and submitted them to the City of San Leandro.

I received an answer immediately, and within weeks a new sign was put on the wall pointing to the direction of Lake Chabot Road at the bottom of the underpass. This will eliminate a lot of confusion for the drivers, so thank you very much for your expeditious response. It’s very much appreciated.

It shows that our politicians and employees in our county listen to us.

Frank R. Denevi, San Leandro


Wants Opponents of Gay Marriage to

Base Arguments on the Constitution



I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Prop. 8 debate at the CV Library last week. The six panelists were all well prepared, eloquent speakers, the 200 or so people in attendance were all respectful and attentive and the moderator conducted the proceedings with maturity far beyond her high school age.

Arguments offered by each of the panelists were informative and were well presented. To reflect on the content of the presentations, the proponents of Prop. 8 referred to the Leviticus chapter of the Christian Bible, the “Law of Nature” (whatever that is) and potential threats to “social order” resulting from government interference.


I listened attentively for 1 hour and 28 minutes until I finally heard the word “Constitution” mentioned.  Prop. 8 opponent Billy Bradford offered it in his presentation of Supreme Court decisions.

Prop. 8 is a civil rights issue addressing equal access to government-recognized marriage contracts by all people protected by the Constitution.

If another debate is scheduled, I respectfully request the proponents of Prop. 8 to offer arguments based on the Constitution and not the Bible, Natural Law or “Social Order.”

Steve Ryken, Castro Valley


Gay Marriage Debate: Says Gays Do

Become Biological Parents



After attending the stimulating debate in the Castro Valley Library on the subject of homosexual marriage, I applaud the civilized atmosphere which both parties maintained throughout the exchange of ideas.

However, I was greatly surprised that both sides accepted without question the idea that gays do not become biological parents.

The opposite is true; each year thousands of babies are born to gay men and women. These offspring are the results of conventional marriages between gay men and “straight” women, and gay women and “straight” men.

And why do such marriages take place? The answer is that the gay party uses marriage as the armor which protects them from parental and community rejection of the bay party’s hated homosexuality.

Such marriages are never satisfactory and usually end in separation or divorce, an important reason for the high U.S. divorce rate. The subterfuge may last for a while, but the natural desire for a compatible love/sex life dooms the relationship after a very few years.

And that, dear readers, is the most compelling reason why absolute equality must be extended to members of the gay community in a state which protects each citizen’s rights with equal vigor.

Larry Bendoski, Castro Valley


Doesn’t Want to See Lost-Pet Signs

Illegally Posted Around Town



In your issue on July 4, Janice Baptista’s letter (“Where to Go, What to Do...”) had some excellent advice for pet owners who have lost a pet.

I liked her letter except for one thing. She advised people to make and post at least 300 lost-pet signs. Please, don’t do that. These are unsightly, they contribute to litter and they are illegal.

The Municipal Code of Alameda County, Title 12, Chapter 8, Article 120 (12.08.120) prohibits the placement of signs on all utility poles, posts, or anywhere along roads, sidewalks, or any public right-of-way. The Municipal Code is available on-line at www.acgov.org/admincode.htm

Please don’t post signs for pets, garage sales, etc.

Jeff Stone, Castro Valley

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