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Calls Divorce, Not Gay Families, Biggest Problem for Children


Reader Kurt Herndomn (“Says San Leandro Has Declined in Last 40 Years,” Letters, July 19) attempts to pin the dysfunction in our schools on our San Leandro mayor’s support of alternative (gay) families.

That is a huge accusation and made without any proof or supporting evidence. The dysfunction caused is clearly for those people who openly promote discrimination against gay people. I’d suggest that the alternative family that causes the most problem for children in our schools is divorce.

Fact: Fifty percent of heterosexual couples get divorced. I know. I am the child of heterosexual parents who divorced when I was 13 years old. I had to deal with this well documented childhood nightmare.

This alternative family structure directly impacted my grades, my ability focus on extracurricular activities and my social skills. No citizens wrote letters to the editor to protest my situation. No politician stood up for my rights. My school didn’t even teach me how to deal with this apparently acceptable alternative family situation.

With that one story as evidence, Mr. Hernadomn and the rest of us should be screaming for our mayor to ban divorce where children are involved. Let’s not stop there. Is one parent really better than two parents of the same sex?  If not, let’s see Mr. Hernadomn campaign for a ban on single parenthood also.

Or maybe the agenda of his statement is purely anti-gay. San Leandro used to be a city of haters 50 years ago and now it is not. We are a city that now accepts anyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, or even belief in a religion.

Mr. Harnadomn should change with the rest of us or maybe just follow Bob Oliver.

John Clouston, San Leandro


‘Time to End Whining… and Get to Work on Issues’


As someone who has lived in San Leandro since 1984, I have seen this city grow more diverse. With this diversity came the challenges that this entire nation is facing as the demographics shift.

This seems to have unhinged some of our residents and driven out at least one disgruntled individual.

I witnessed something similar to this when I lived on the East Coast. It was dubbed “white flight” back then as folks fled to the suburbs seeking enclaves of sameness. We are seeing now how all that worked out, as the “burbs” have lost much of their luster.

It is time for an end to the whining and reminiscing about the past. It is time we all realize we are in this mess together and we better get to work on some of these issues.Complaining and whining won’t feed the bulldog.

Vernon S. Burton, San Leandro

Says ‘Ruling Elites’ Control Supreme Court Decisions


Having nothing positive to point at for the three and a half years of the Obama administration, Billy Trice, Jr. (Letters, July 5) pulls out of the closet the Democrats’ old scarecrow, “Who will appoint next justices to the Supreme Court?” as if it really made any difference. It doesn’t.

Most people in the United States think that the Supreme Court is this kind of impartial entity that rules from way up in the heavens.

In reality, it is completely influenced politically by the ruling elites and its rulings are regularly done by the switching of votes in accordance with these elites’ interests, who are in constant contact with it; hence ,justice Roberts’ vote on Obamacare.

Obamacare is not much different from the law that Mitt Romney implemented in Massachusetts, regardless of election campaign promises. If Obama wanted to provide healthcare for all working people it would have been much simpler to make it mandatory for all employers to provide it to their workers.

To make it mandatory only to employers with more than 50 employees allows for a lot of tricks that employers can use to avoid paying it – contracted personnel, temporary workers, and even creating different fictitious firms or company divisions.

Lastly, the Obamacare law is a big present to health insurance corporations and Big Pharma among many other reasons why it should be defeated in November. As long as the same elites continue to run the states from Washington we, the working people, have nothing good coming to us.

Leo T. West, San Leandro

Kudos to City Government for Quick Work on Sign


I’ve had numerous friends come to see me who got lost because they couldn’t find Lake Chabot Road. You don’t see a sign coming up Estudillo until you actually reach Lake Chabot Road.  So I went to the city, shot some pictures and submitted them to the City of San Leandro.

I received an answer immediately, and within weeks a new sign was put on the wall pointing to the direction of Lake Chabot Road at the bottom of the underpass. This will eliminate a lot of confusion for the drivers, so thank you very much for your expeditious response. It’s very much appreciated.

It shows that our politicians and employees in our county listen to us.

Frank R. Denevi, San Leandro

Thanks to All Who Made Lenny Williams Golf Tourney a Huge Success


On behalf of the Keep Music Rockin’ Foundation, I would like to say thank you to everyone that helped make the Lenny Williams Golf Tournament a huge success.

Thanks to all who played in the tournament, to help raise money for music programs in San Leandro Public Schools. To the many sponsors, thank you for your generosity and support.

Thanks to our wonderful music teacher for giving up a Saturday and a vacation day to help at the event, the music was great!

To Lenny Williams and the many talented music artists for attending the event and your continued support and help with the Foundation.

Finally to the Keep Music Rockin’ Foundation board members and their families, thanks for all your hard work. None of this could happen without your continued help and dedication. You are all a pleasure to work with.

T.W. “Rick” Richards

San Leandro



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