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Streetscape Construction is a No-Win for Shoppers or Businesses



I went out on Friday to run three errands. Post Office, Pet Food Express, and Safeway.

I live in West Castro Valley, off Stanton Avenue.  As I approached Santa Maria on Somerset, I noticed that cars on Santa Maria were backed up from the Blvd. all the way back to Somerset!  This was due to Somerset being closed from Santa Maria to Redwood Road.

I then decided to skip the Post Office and I turned around and got onto Lake Chabot Road to head for the Blvd. to go to Pet Food Express.

Oh Boy, the traffic nightmare got worse. It was not moving – not unlike Friday evening traffic in downtown SF.

In all it took 35 minutes to get to Pet Food Express, a 2.6 mile drive which should only take 6-8 minutes.  I took one look at the mess on the Blvd. in front of Safeway as well as on Redwood Rd. and decided it was best to go to Safeway on Foothill Blvd. in Hayward.

I have been keeping up with all the letters in the Forum and on various Facebook pages that deal with the plights of the downtown business owners due to this ongoing traffic mess. This is a no-win situation for us, the shoppers, who are trying to get around as well as the business owners.

I can deal with a few detours here and there and if it takes me a little bit longer to get somewhere, but Friday was ridiculous. I don’t know how any of us are supposed to accept this.

Two years later and this is still a thorn in everyone’s side? Something is very wrong here.

Denise M. Rollman, Castro Valley


Says ‘It’s Time Mary Hayashi Gets

Off the Taxpayer Gravy Train’



I agree with one statement this politician made:  “...but I trust the voters to be smarter than that.”

Yeah, me too. Not to vote you in for a position on the Board of Supervisors. Another politician whose name and “honesty” do not usually collide in the same sentence.

She “....accept(s) responsibility and offer apologies, not excuses.”  Ah, she’s offered two excuses: she “was distracted by a phone call” and “my medical condition may have complicated the situation.”

She claims now her health wasn’t a factor. It was when it suited her needs.

It’s time Mary gets off the taxpayer gravy train...I’m astounded she has the gall to run.

Jeanette Jensen, Castro Valley


Disturbed by All the Fuss Over That Cell Tower



I find it very disturbing some people are making such an issue over the cell tower on Lake Chabot Road.

It’s a cell tower. Deal with it! They’re all over this area, and won’t go away anytime soon.

The woman who wrote in and saw sexual overtones to the tower needs to see a doctor. Or get a life. I’d only have a problem with it if it was in my backyard.

I never even noticed the tower until it was mentioned in your paper.

“Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.”

I just happened to drive by the tower Thursday morning (see the photo on page 3). The tower had been stripped of it’s fuzzy green cover. Not a pretty site is it ?

Carl J. Lawler II

Lawler Photography, Castro Valley


Suggests More Town Meetings

With More Audience Participation



What a wonderful Castro Valley turnout at our library to discuss same sex marriage last week!

It was an old fashioned town meeting. I suggest we have more of them. Maybe the next topic could be the death penalty, as we will be voting on it on the November ballot.

I would like more audience participation to be permitted, with people expressing their views, not just asking questions. An exchange of ideas is never a bad thing.

Jessica Barrett, Castro Valley


An Open Letter to Stacy Spink



Like most of the other readers of the Castro Valley Forum, I am tired of your ranting and raving about homosexuality.

Please find something else to whine about, like the construction on Castro Valley Blvd. or Global Warming, or anything else. Take more bike rides or do something else to channel your energy into instead of rewriting “Stacy’s views” on homosexuality to the Forum or the Daily Review or any other papers.

People will always have different views on everything. So please, if you want to write to the Forum, please write about anything else.

Roy Wan, Castro Valley

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