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Calls Traditional Marriage ‘A Societal Imperative”


John Clouston (“Calls Divorce, Not Gay Families, Biggest Problem for Children,” Letters, July 26) makes excellent points.

As is Mr. Clouston, I am also a victim of divorce. My life reverberates with adverse consequences of my family’s break up. Children victimized by divorce far outnumber, by many orders of magnitude, any other cause of childhood pathology.

However, scientific studies overwhelmingly confirm that traditional marriage is the optimum family unit with the greatest probability of raising healthy children. Civil society must recognize the science and act accordingly. Traditional marriage must be a societal imperative.

Jeff Ryan, San Leandro

Self-Serving Politicians and the ‘Oaklandization’ of San Leandro


Well Mr. Clouston (see above), you are a classic example of “You can’t see the forest for the trees.”

You completely missed it. I guess you are referring to Mayor Cassidy attending Pride parades, which is not what I mean by Out in Front. You said Gay. That is not in my thought in my statement. What people do within there four walls, or how people worship, or what color people are, is not my concern or business. But you tried to label me a hater. Nice try.

The problem is, this Mayor is self-serving politically, along with self-serving city council members and school boards.

Example other than Cassidy: Council Member Starsociak is resigning because she didn’t win the mayoral race. Nearly 2 years after her defeat, she can’t deal with it.

Forget what she was elected for as a councilmember, I guess. Starsociak apparently wanted more power, which she didn’t get. So to Hell with her community (Washington Manor), she’ll take her toys and not play anymore.

Mayor Cassidy won’t fight for the everyday working San Leandran, no he has politically aligned himself with certain groups and if Alternative Families offend you, that was not my intent.

Why won’t Mayor Cassidy walk down E. 14th St., and see what’s going on? I can walk down E. 14th and, particularly around City Hall and the Police Department, see mid-1990s Buick, Pontiac, etc., sedans, with their big chrome wheels, driving with multiple passengers of 20-something-year-olds, usually males of any ethnic background – white, black, Latino, Asian – with the distinct odor of marijuana that surrounds that vehicle.

So San Leandrans are to do what? I have called the Police and stated what I witnessed. They tell me they’ll send a unit out.  I have stood right out in front of City Hall and not one patrol car moved.

Like I said, most of those vehicles are coming from Oakland. That is what Mr. Oliver was referring to. The Oaklandization of San Leandro. And no thanks, Mr. Clouston, I’ll stay right here. I’m not going anywhere.

Kurt Herndomn, San Leandro

Says Earth Will Appreciate SL’s Styrofoam Ban


Thank you to the City of San Leandro for passing the polystyrene foam food service ordinance.

It is time San Leandro is in keeping with neighboring Bay Area cities who have taken this step to ban Styrofoam use. Our Earth will appreciate it.

Lee Anette Holm, San Leandro

A Need for More Tolerance In Our Daily Life?


I met with a law professional recently, and, while I was waiting in his office for the appointment to begin, his cell phone rang. He answered it. I thought that was a little tacky, so I seized the opportunity to check my blood sugar.

My sugar was high, so I took out my insulin needle, drew the appropriate amount, and prepared my injection.

The attorney was shocked. “What are you doing?” he asked. “I’m giving myself a shot,” I cleverly replied.

“I’ve never... uh... I’m appalled,” he stammered... “I’ve never seen someone use a needle in front of me before. It’s the same thing as breast feeding!” I offered to give myself the shot (which is usually administered in my stomach area) outside his office, and, relieved, he said “...please do.”

I had to wonder: Is taking a shot in public the same as breastfeeding in public? Just what is wrong with breastfeeding in public? What, if anything, is wrong with injecting myself in public? To me, taking a shot is as normal as breathing. I simply can’t survive without my insulin injections.

Still, does that give me the right to offend others? Should I excuse myself every time I need an injection? And what of the mother whose child is hungry? Should she have to excuse herself if her infant needs to be fed?

I hadn’t considered that question before...but now I am. I may have been offending others by administering my medicine. However, I don’t see anything wrong with a woman discreetly breastfeeding her child, and I don’t think my discreetly injecting myself is offensive.

Unfortunately, diabetes will be a disease we’ll all have to deal with until a cure is found, and breastfeeding is here to stay. Perhaps we should all be a bit more tolerant.

Ken Maas, San Leandro

Thankful for all of the Assistance After Her Fall At BART Station


This past Thursday, July 26, I was leaving the San Leandro BART station when I took a fall and landed flat on my face. I had the wind knocked out of me and immediately about five people gathered around me.

Two young men helped me to my feet and seated me on a bench.  Three women gathered around, handing me Kleenex for my bloody nose and hailed down my boyfriend in his car as he was trying to find me. One of the young men handed me paper towels. Then the same two men assisted me to the car.

We went to the ER and I needed a few stitches, nothing was broken.  I’m home now, none the worse, just two black eyes and a fat  nose which is getting better every day.

To those woman and men who stepped up to help me, thank you from me and my grateful family. I truly believe there are good and kind people in this world and Thursday’s experience proves it once again. I don’t know their names but I will never forget them. Thank you again.

Patricia Bondura, San Leandro



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