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In response to “Open Letter” (from Roy Wan, Aug. 1), Roy, I would love to not write at all for a while, I’m tired of it! But letters like yours that make that a challenge. You attack a person instead of an issue.


Your letter reminds me of the Miss USA Pageant 2009 – a finalist was asked her opinion about same-sex marriage by judge Perez Hilton.  She responded: “I think it is great that Americans are able to choose one way or another....but I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, and no offense to anybody out there.”


She spoke honestly about her convictions and showed respect for those who think differently.


So, was her response tolerated? The short answer is, hell no. The next day, the judge called her a “dumb bi---”, said she “gave an awful, awful answer” and told ABC news that she lost the crown because of her honesty.


By labeling letters you dislike as “rants,” “raves,” and “whining,” you show that – like judge Hilton – you are unwilling to tolerate thoughts contrary to yours.


You might enjoy a society where unpopular thoughts are suppressed instead of discussed - they’re called dictatorships.  Maybe North Korea, Burma, or Sudan?


They could use a few good men such as yourself.


Just last week a writer asked for a Constitutional perspective on the subject. I did compose a brief 2-paragraph response, but out of respect for you, I will not send it.

Happy now?

Stacy Spink, Castro Valley


Doesn’t Want His Taxes to

Support Mary Hayashi



Thank you, Jeanette Jensen (“Says ‘It’s Time Mary Hayashi Gets Off the Taxpayer Gravy Train’,” Letters, Aug. 1) for the great letter about Hayashi.


At least someone out there is using their head.


She had nothing but excuses for a criminal act, and I don’t feel like using my tax money to support her, either.

Bob Pike, San Leandro



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