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Time to Say ‘Thanks’ to Ken Carbone





Recently the Forum reported that Ken Carbone had to step down as an Alameda County Planning Commissioner (PC).


It is important that CV know the reason behind his sudden resignation. Ken has served the community on the CV MAC and the PC for 15 years.


The County Auditor recently installed new software that allows them track payments more closely. Ken’s business, Dolphin Graphics (next to Trader Joe’s) does a fair amount of design and printing for the Sheriff’s Office.


Ken’s name came up for being paid as a County contractor for supplying services to the County and for per diem payments for serving at Planning Commission meetings.


Castro Valley MAC and the PC do not approve contracts; therefore no conflict of interest had ever occurred. If a potential conflict were to arise Ken could recuse himself and leave the room until the matter is completed. This has been the standard practice for more than 30 years.


I have known Ken since we both attended A.B Morris Junior High School here in Castro Valley. He has impeccable character and has donated thousands of hours of his personal time for the benefit of this community. He would never use his office for financial gain.


It is a shame that he was forced from office for doing nothing wrong. It is a great loss for Castro Valley because Ken has always looked out for us. It is very hard to replace public officials of the skill and experience that Ken possesses.


Ken’s service will be felt by this community for decades. He has had a great deal of influence over the approval of projects like the design of the CV Blvd. upgrades, the Climate Action Plan and Castro Valley General Plan. If you see Ken you should thank him for his sacrifice. The best thing we can do at this point is never forget what he has done for all of us.

Marc Crawford, Chair

CV Municipal Advisory Council


Eden Hospital’s Neuroscience Center Applauded




I would like to thank the staff of the Eden Hospital Neuroscience Center for the excellent care they provided to my father during his hospitalization last month.


The staff provided state-of-the-art medical care to my father and treated him and our family with compassion and respect. Special thanks go to Dr. Frank Kim, Dr. Julu Kuo, Leslie Jasper, RN, CCM, and Denise Padilla, MSW for their exceptional services to my father and to our family during this difficult time.

Debra Ragen-Coffman

for the family of Robert (Bob) Ragen



Advice to Spink: Don’t Take it Personally



Has Stacy Spink ever heard the old saying, “water off a ducks back”? I think not.

It seems that every one of us who sends an opinion to the Forum that differs from that of Mr. Spink immediately becomes one who “attacks” the man personally, myself included. This is not only sad but ridiculous.


To quote Mr. Spink very accurately, “I would love not to write at all for a while, I’m tired of it.” The obvious response must be, does somebody have a gun to your head and is forcing you to hit those computer keys?


I too am “tired” of reading from any Forum writer who we respond to that we are all seemingly out to get you. Please, Mr. Spink, for your own mental and physical health stop taking everything everybody writes in a small community paper personally.


I will be “happy now” (another question from Mr. Spink) to read new and refreshing views from others in our area as we all by now fully understand where Mr. Spink is coming from.

Chris Scott, Castro Valley


America’s Politicians Could Take a Lesson from

America’s Olympians



The Olympic Games were hugely inspirational and it seems to me that the participants that took part in it from all over the globe showed the considerable capabilities of this generation of young people.


Their ability to cooperate and compete with each other without animosity, prejudice or rancor shows that they have surpassed most other “governmental” organizations and as such are fully able to take over the mantle of leading the U.S. and the rest of the world politically, in a much more positive and cooperative way than currently exists.


Simultaneously I heard a suggestion on the radio that U.S. voters should base their choice in our upcoming election on the candidate that has the best policies for their children and grandchildren, instead of what is most beneficial for them.


This is a philosophy that I fully embrace and combined with the involvement of this wonderful and competent new generation I believe we might be able to elect governments focused on real and permanent long term solutions!


I also have to urge voters to ignore all the mailings and ads related to the election, many of which are misleading or downright lies, and instead become educated on the important issues that affect the world the next generation will inherit.


It’s time to hold our current “leaders” feet to the fire and force them to come up with policies that benefit all voters instead of the selfish interests of themselves and their supporters and benefactors.


The clock is ticking and we cannot keep kicking cans down the road – we need action now and we need politicians who are willing to make the tough and sometimes unpopular decisions.


This crop of Olympians have already proved that they can meet those requirements !

Tony Beeston, Castro Valley



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