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Leo T. West’s Letter on Parcel Tax Convinced Him


I have to say I was on the fence on whether or not I would vote for the parcel tax on this November’s ballot, but after reading Leo T. West’s August 9th letter (“Says No to School Parcel Tax Until Current Board is Gone”), I was convinced that I will definitely vote in favor of it.

Ben Levy, San Leandro


A Sanity Test for Letters to the Editor?


The value of a “Letters to the Editor” feature in any publication is it gives ordinary folks an opportunity to vent and express their views on issues and situations that concern and affect us all.

The Times seems to do a good job of printing letters from various perspectives. This is a very positive thing and gives us readers an opportunity to read the opinions of fellow San Leandrans we agree with and those we don’t.

Far be it for me to suggest that any letters be excluded for capricious reasons. However, I must admit I believe some standard of sanity should be  applied when deciding to print or not to print an individuals letters.

I am referring to frequent letter-writer Leo T. West. His letters show that he has very strong opinions about a lot of issues to say the very least. However, his latest rant about the school board and the LGBTQs teaching lesbianism and homosexuality in our schools, borders on insanity.

The Parcel Tax should pass or fail on its merits, but psycho rants like this add nothing to the discussion.

Vernon S. Burton, San Leandro




Also Objects to ‘Senior Exemption’ in Parcel Tax


I can’t believe that I’m agreeing with Leo T. West on anything, but I agree with his letter in the Aug. 9 San Leandro Times, but for different reasons.

I don’t care about board members’ career plans. What I do care about is the “Senior Exemption” to the proposed parcel tax. I can’t believe that any but the most impoverished seniors (or other citizens of San Leandro) can’t come up with a little more than $1.00 per day ($1.40 in February) per household.

What about non-seniors who are unemployed or under employed, supporting elderly parents, have health issues, paying for a kid in college, or other financial challenges?

Since, apparently, they don’t represent a “voting block” of 20% of the community, they (the remaining 80%) don’t get to opt out of the parcel tax.

What the board has unanimously taught the students of San Leandro is not courage of convictions, or responsibility to the community, but cynical political calculations and moves for expediency.

I’m all for supporting education and the San Leandro schools. I also believe that those 65 and older, on a fixed and/or limited income, derive benefits from a strong school system and have a responsibility to the community where they, and, perhaps, their grandchildren live.

This is why people with no children still need to pay school taxes.  Fortunately, the legislators who passed and judges who upheld those laws realized that all actions have consequences and had the political fortitude to act appropriately.

Just think of the programs that could be saved or expanded if everybody contributes. How much stronger that “lifeline to our schools” (as Hermy Almonte is quoted) would be!

If the only exemption for the 80% of us who are under 65 is to vote no, then I’m with you Leo.

Jeff Sturm, San Leandro

‘No Wonder Taxpayers... Want to Crawl Under a Rock’


Amazing that a key selling point of the proposed Parcel Tax is that San Leandro residents over age 65 will be granted an exemption and won’t have to pay it. And they constitute “over 20% voting...block,” according to George Tucker, which apparently will assure that it gets passed.

Isn’t democracy great; in the extreme, all politicians have to do is dream up tax proposals which tax only 49% of the population. And that tax will, for sure, be voted in by the 51% who don’t have to pay it.

No wonder taxpayers these days just want to crawl under a rock.

Richard Eisenman, San Leandro



Accuses GOP of ‘Strategy of Division’ in Campaign


Call it class warfare, or call it the politics of resentment, the Romney enablers are using a strategy of division to conquer the Presidency.  They are trying to turn hardworking people, who struggle everyday just to get by, against the people who are even less fortunate, by promoting resentment that some are receiving government assistance while others aren’t.

If Romney can win the “resentment vote,” his people will change all that: no one will get government assistance, except the very top of the top 1%. The wealthiest will get government contracts, bailouts, special access to the Federal Reserve, and tax breaks.

The tax money they don’t pay will limit everyone else’s access to a good education, to adequate health care, to retirement security, and yes, to food for millions of hungry people.

Romney’s people believe that wealth measures morality, so the wealthiest are the most deserving of our country’s benefits.  Republicans are counting on the resentment of people who fear loosing their jobs and their homes to boost them into power. If they win, watch out!

Bruce Joffe, Piedmont





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