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A Warning to Those with Pets


A word of warning to upper CV residents with pets.

Early last Wednesday morning a wild animal killed, carried off, and ate our precious cat that we have had for over 12 years. Joey weighed 15 pounds and has been an indoor/outdoor cat for over 10 years and never even came home with a scratch.

We made the grisly discovery during a search in a spot that also had many large animal bones and skulls. This secluded spot was very close to our home and many others.

We have been told by neighbors they have seen coyotes, raccoons, and even a red fox in our area – all likely suspects. We’ve also seen several “Missing” pet flyers in our area of late. We hope they did not meet the same fate as Joey.

This information did not seem to interest the Animal Control dispatcher when I called to notify them of the incident, nor did it evoke any sympathy.  I gave up after hearing, “What do you want us to do, set up a sting operation?”

I really don’t want this to happen to anyone else as it has been a devastating loss to my husband and me. So, friends and neighbors, especially those that live near us on Walnut Road, watch your pets, especially at night!

Julianne Casey, Castro Valley

High Fire Danger ‘Fee’ Puts Some

Homeowners in Jeopardy


Recently, some residents of Castro Valley received a bill from the California Board of Equalization for California Fire Prevention.

I have never heard of a major fire in Castro Valley that burned hundreds of acres or

decimated dozens of houses. Yet we are being assessed this extra fee.

By being designated a high fire danger area, there are unintended consequences.

My homeowner’s insurance company has discontinued my policy. I have been with them for 30 years. Just because of a political move to raise money, not only am I being assessed unfairly, but I am now going to be unprotected in case I do have a house fire or other home disaster.

Of course, that means if I cannot arrange for new insurance, my mortgage company will likely call my loan, as they insist that I have fire protection. The result, I would lose my home. So because the state decided they need an extra $150 from some homeowners (not all, mind you), my home is now in jeopardy.

What fools thought this was a good idea?

Homeowners who have received this assessment must protest this outrageous tax. Please let your state legislators know how unfair this is.

Jessica Barrett, Castro Valley

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