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Thursday, 23 August 2012 11:50



Children learned about Native American culture in the Indian Education program at Jefferson School  this summer.

By Alisha Pritchett

San Leandro Times

If you want your child to know more about being Native American now is your chance with a new program that helps build awareness of Native Americans.

Jefferson Elementary School held a “Title VII Indian Education Enrichment Summer Program” this summer for the first time. It aims at the same academic skills as language arts, math, and reading/writing, as well as cultural studies, according to Brooke Gentry, one of the mentors.

Children made cultural dolls, studied Native American literature and worked in the school’s garden. The kids were all smiling and having fun on the last day of the summer program and went home knowing more about their culture.

The mentors, who are all Native American, taught the children all these skills. The mentors as well as the others involved want to see the program grow, so more kids means more money for the program.

Indigenous Nations Child and Family Agency (INCFA), United Indian Nation (UIN), and the Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development are all connected to help raise money and support this program.

The organization encourages parents to take their student who is Indian descent, to go to the district and sign the 506 form, or go to “” to print out the form and return it to your school, which helps Title VII support the American Indian students with in-school support, after school activities and tutoring, by letting your school know how many Native American children attend.

To enroll your student in the Indian education program in the fall or for more information, call 667-6950.