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All Those Boulevard Traffic Restraints Hurting Downtown Businesses


Have you noticed the new traffic restraints we now have to endure all along Castro Valley Boulevard’s business district?

Heading East or heading West, no Left Turn signals anymore to turn into the main business areas. Going East you can no longer turn left to go, say, to the Post Office, the bank, or any of the Village stores.

All the talk about this wonderful Streetscape and how it is going to be so great and bring more customers into town and how business will thrive and be so much better off, something appears to be lacking in this plan.

Going West the only way one can get to the Lucky Shopping Center now is off Redwood Road. If you turned west onto the Blvd. and wanted to go there, you’re out of luck.  

Check it out, but be careful or you could get a citation for a left turn.
—Ben Martin, Castro Valley


Fall Festival-Goers:  
Be Careful Where You Park!


I would simply like to remind people that we residents that live near the Fall Festival have to live with a slight inconvenience during the festival.

I live on Forest Avenue and last year a number of people blocked my, and many of my neighbors, driveways. More importantly, there is a fire hydrant between my house and my next door neighbors house that was continually blocked as well.

Please take care where you park. The Sheriff’s Department will be notified of such violations. I realize that parking spots are hard to come by.  

The Fall Festival location is great for me and my wife as we can just walk down the street. Just be considerate of the neighboring residents.
—Doug Lessa, Castro Valley


Says Concerns Over Genetically
Engineered Foods is Unwarranted


All of the unwarranted concern about genetically engineered (GE) foods is amusing, and sadly based on a poor grasp of botanical science, and perhaps an over-imagination abetted by hollywood horror/sci-fi movies.  

We have been eating GE food since the first humans selected the biggest and tastiest tubers to be replanted near their encampment. The current lab manipulation of genes is only a shortcut, eliminating tedious and time consuming cross pollination and replanting in the hope that something was produced that is better.  

It is ethically no different than the chemical manipulations we accept in our medications.  So.....grow up!
—Robert Thomas, Castro Valley

Good Words For Two Local
Businesses...and the Democrats

I live in Castro Valley and I am speaking out on behalf of two very much appreciated local businesses that I visit.

For years, my family has had top of the line pet care at Dr. Richard Barrett’s Canyon Veterinary Hospital in the Lucky Shopping Center.

I would also like to recommend Dr. James Wilson, family dentist, on Redwood Road.

My one other comment is about compassion. I favor the Democrtic Party and President O bama because they truly want to help the middle class, the ordinary folks, the 99 percent.

I agree that the very rich should not pay less tax percent than I do. And they should not have so manuy write-offs and loopholes, like Romney writing off his wife’s expensive horse to pay less taxes, as noted in many news reports.
—Mrs. Flo Wiley, Castro Valley

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