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Home-Grown School Employees 'a Great Testimonial'



Thank you very much for the front page photo of the outstanding Castro Valley Unified School District staff. I wanted to emphasize that the staff members in the photo all attended school in Castro Valley. It is a great testimonial when former students come back to work in the district where they were educated. We are very proud of our staff and students.

Jim Negri, Castro Valley School Superintendent


Law Enforcement Unresponsive to Illegal Parking


On the night of the annual “Back to School Night” at CV High School, I returned to my residence one block west of the school to find vehicles parked bumper to bumper down my street and a Honda sedan totally blocking my driveway. Not only did the Honda block my driveway but the driver left it with the rear of the car about three feet into the street. There was another vehicle blocking a driveway directly across the street.

My wife called the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and was referred to the California Highway Patrol. After several recorded referrals on the CHP phone tree she finally reached a real person, explained our dilemma and was told they would send an officer right out. She was also advised ours was one of several calls regarding similar problems in proximity to the high school.

We waited a considerable length of time to no avail. No officer ever arrived and the driver of the vehicle ultimately moved it without apology.


Now, I understand better than most that strange vehicles blocking my driveway, writing parking tickets and towing vehicles are not high on the exciting call scale. They are, however, what we used to call “beat health” and frankly doing their job. I have written before that Castro Valley High School has been anything but a good neighbor over the years and had the Forum edit the comment out so I’ll assert it again.

This event is an annual affair and the neighborhood chaos it causes is no surprise to the high school. Further, it should be no surprise enforcement issue to either the Sheriff’s Department or the CHP.

Proactive law enforcement would dictate it should be on their daily activity list for things to do on this date.

I can’t even park in front of my own house during school days without a parking ticket but when the high school has an impending construction project the rules are waived. Then when


I, a long-term resident, summon law enforcement for specific violations they are nowhere to be seen and never even show up.

I pay a ton of taxes in this state and county and I am reduced to writing a letter to the editor to vent my outrage because the high school and local law enforcement agencies don’t care and only need me when there’s a bond measure on the ballot they want passed? After treatment like this I’m not about to vote for one single cent of additional tax for anybody.

Kurt J. von Brauch, Castro Valley





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