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Perplexed Over Lack of EIR on Proposed Wind Turbine


Much has been said about the proposed Halus Wind Turbine project. Some say there are lots of negative impacts on the shoreline ecosystems, on the health and safety and on the property values in near-by communities; some say there aren’t.

That’s exactly what an Environment Impact Report (EIR) will answer. Halus company has chosen to contribute financially to the local political candidate rather than spending the money on an EIR. As a resident directly affected by the proposed project, I feel deeply perplexed.

I also sit on my community’s HOA board with our President Benny Lee and I believe that he has been mischaracterized by both letters to the Editor in the San Leandro Times on Sept. 16, 2012. My community’s interests became a collateral damage when he was picked up for political attack by his opponent. He’s a man of character and always listens to all sides. He is no career politician and definitely not “anti-business.”

He’s been consistent on the Halus matter with his focus on rejecting the variance application which I understand it to be allowing Halus to break the rules to build above the 60-feet restriction.

With respect to his opinion, much of the evidence has shown that Wind Turbines are not the right thing for San Leandro; however, he wants the city to address the current policy which currently lumps a wind turbine under the broad definition of a tower like a cell phone tower.

He wants community input to determine if San Leandrans want to see wind turbines on our shoreline or even in the midst of our city among our schools, shopping areas and residents.

If this project was proposed in a more affluent area such as Danville or Blackhawk, do you think their city officials would try to force this down the community’s throat? Would their city officials not require an EIR from the owner of a wind turbine of 104-feet tall?

—Richard Zheng, San Leandro


Says Police and City Workers Must Pay into Retirement


The San Leandro Police Officers Association, currently in salary negotiations, announced their endorsements and it’s just what everyone expected — they’ve endorsed two incumbents and the only other candidate unwilling to fix the ballooning unfunded pension liability facing our city. And not one has offered credible alternatives other than taxing us more (another 5 years of Measure Z anyone?) or cutting more services.

Our Council ran down our reserves by not confronting this issue in the last contract negotiations. We can’t drive our city to the edge of a financial cliff again. Our police and city staff need to pay into their retirement just the same as they do in just like Hayward and just about every other city, and just like you and I do. It’s just a pay cut folks, and it preserves everyone’s pension, when the city has no other choices.

There are plenty of candidates doing the right thing. Mack-Rose and Almonte have been pushing for this and even Chris Crow and Dan Dillman have said they support pension reform of some kind.

With some Police employees retiring at 50 years old getting over $200K a year for the rest of their lives, we simply can’t bear the cost. Our city economy funds our services, our police force, our libraries, and even paves our roads. Pension reform is the only responsible stance to avoid hurting our city more and letting our economy stagnate.

—Al Vieira, San Leandro
Calls Obama ‘Biggest Liar to Inhabit White House’


Mel Lavine’s “After Charlotte” is not an analysis of the Democratic convention, but a partisan attack on Mitt Romney, except for mentioning that it was an “... error-free convention.”

Let’s see about that: They keep on repeating those fraudulent unemployement numbers and the claim that they created jobs. Yes, they created $8-an-hour jobs for illegal scabs and have sent the U.S. union workers to the unemployment line.

They claim they saved the auto industry: The auto workers were forced to restructure their contracts with cuts in pay and the inclusion of a starting wage for new hires at $14 an hour with no benefits for jobs that previously paid $27 an hour. In spite of all these concessions, thousands lost their jobs alltogether.

They also put on the stage an illegal alien, Benita Véliz, showing their total disregard for U.S. inmigration laws and labor laws.

Furthermore, besides being the biggest liar ever to inhabit the White House, Obama’s also the first president to officially have a hit list, a la mafia don. Many have been killed by special forces and drone attacks under his orders. No trial or judge, just the emperor Obama’s thumbs-down.

If the people give him four more years we’re going to have drones flying over our heads right here. Mexican drug cartels will be running the drug trade in the U.S. and illegals will take the rest of the jobs left. Schools will be privatized as well as other state and federal jobs. Gays and lesbians will be dictating their curriculum in the schools and Obama’s judges and pervert legislators will nullify our votes. Billions of dollars more will be squandered in Solyndra type of scams. These are some of the objectives that Barack Obama wants to “complete.”

After the shameful manipulation to include God and Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish State in the platform, I’ll definitively vote for his ousting.
On Nov. 6, anybody but Obama. I want to see those democrats back in the streets again . A defeat is the only thing that’d take them out of their comfortable chairs.
Adjust your hearing aid Mel Lavine.

—Leo T. West, San Leandro

Says Romney Shows Greed for Power Instead of Patriotism


It is despicable that Candidate Romney issued a preemptive criticism of President Obama even as American Ambassador Chris Stevens was being killed in Libya.

Not only was Romney misinformed and misguided, but he failed to adhere to a basic rule of American politics: politics stops at the water’s edge. When our country is attacked, we stand behind our President, no matter what political party he belongs to.

Romney’s statements demonstrate how corruptly he values partisan politics over uniting around our country. He showed greed for power instead of patriotism. Romney seems to think that he is exempt from our common rules of decency.

Another common convention that Romney thinks he is exempt from is that of candidates releasing past income tax filings during their campaign. If you want to see a person’s character, look at his finances. You’ll see what values he really believes in. We voters have come to expect such transparency from our candidates; it gives us one opportunity to objectively see the real person behind the paid advertisements. Again, Candidate Romney fails.

—Bruce Joffe, Piedmont



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