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Highway Patrol is There to Save Your Life, Not to Make Money


There is a common misconception that the California Highway Patrol (CHP) writes tickets to generate revenue for its operations. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The CHP receives no funding from traffic fines. We enforce the law for one compelling reason-to save your life.

The CHP Castro Valley Area is unique because it provides service, not only to motorists traveling on I-580, but also to residents of Unincorporated Alameda County.  CHP Castro Valley Officers respond to vehicle collisions in residential neighborhoods and on rural county roads.

Officers enforce speed limits, posted “Stop” signs, traffic signals, pedestrian crossings and many other violations on a daily basis.

The CHP’s intent is to reduce the number of fatal, injury, and property damage collisions which occur on the roadways.

Conducting traffic enforcement at an intersection which is controlled by stops signs is just as important as removing impaired drivers from the roadway.


If a driver fails to stop for a stop sign and is involved in a traffic collision, the potential for loss of life or injury is equivalent to someone driving under the influence.

Over the past three years only 30% of fatal collisions recorded within the CHP Castro Valley Area’s jurisdiction, occurred on I-580.  This means that 70% of fatal collisions occurred within residential neighborhoods and on rural county roads.

The primary goal of the CHP is to provide the highest level of safety, service, and security to the people of California. CHP Officers do not just patrol the freeway. They patrol in your communities on a daily basis, striving to make your roadways safe.

Officers also provide “Start Smart” teen driver and “Older Driver” safety classes to the public with a special emphasis on inattention. If you have any questions or concerns, please free to contact the CHP Castro Valley Area office or follow us on Twitter @ chpcastrovalley.

Christopher Sherry, Commander

CHP Castro Valley Area



Prefers to Leave Evolution of Food Up

To Nature, Not the Big Ag Chemical Corporations



Regarding Robert Thomas’ letter to the editor “Concerns over Genetically Engineered Foods is Unwarranted” (Letters, Sept. 5) I suggest he do some research into how GE foods are created.

It is quite misleading to say humans have

been eating GE foods since we started selecting the best tubers to be replanted near encamp-

ments and what is being done in laboratories today.

First of all, Tubers, like pedigree dogs, can be selected and breed to display certain traits, but these can only be done between similar species, not completely dissimilar ones like fish and tomatoes or spiders and goats, things they are creating today.

Thomas touts today’s gene manipulation as shortcuts to save time in the hope that something produced is better, but I, and probably most reasonable people would prefer to leave that up to wisdom of nature and evolution rather than men and woman who are working for the bottom line of Big Ag Chemical companies like Monsanto, Dow and DuPont — companies that have a horrible track record of lying to the American people and government about the health effects of their products.

Camille  Sauvé, Castro Valley



Homosexual Booth’ Kept Her From Attending the Fall Festival



I always look forward to our Fall Festival, even though last year, because of bad feet, I had a problem walking the long street with no where to rest.


I debated going this year, then decided to go on Sunday. Some people called me on Saturday to tell me about the homosexual booth. My question was, what was the purpose?

The Festival is supposed to be about arts, crafts, some businesses, food, some fun things and entertainment. But what did a homosexual booth offer the community?

Needless to say, I did not go to the Festival. I don’t care who is or isn’t homosexual, that is information that should be private. I don’t want “in your face” work to be done.

As far as Bradford trying to make people of faith realize “there is nothing wrong with being gay,” at least I will keep my faith. I don’t care what your preference is.


A final note: You, the person speeding on Sydney Way, killed a little squirrel and didn’t care. Slow down!

Mary Valens, Castro Valley




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