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Urges “Yes on L – the Only Way Our City Can Thrive”


If You Love San Leandro, vote Yes on Measure L.

In a perfect world, all of the funding we need for our schools would be provided by the state government. In reality, we have to look to each other for support.

In the past, residents of this city have come together and funded our amazing new Fred T. Koramatsu Ninth Grade Campus, the first-class Arts Education Center and right now, the bulldozers are out rebuilding the high school football field, track, baseball fields and aquatic center. These are the things that draw young families to our community and keep current residents here, contributing to our city and our economy.

Imagine the Arts Center with no funding for school concerts or plays and the  lights on the brand new football field extinguished with no money for sports programs. Strong, attractive schools keep crime down and property values high.

For just $39 a year (with an exemption for seniors), we can keep class sizes small, protect core academic classes like English and Math and continue our amazing sports, music, art and drama programs – a small price to pay to improve the quality of our schools and the quality of life for all residents. As a parent of children in our public schools, I know that a Yes vote on Measure L is the only way our city can thrive.

Cynthia Jaynes, San Leandro




Wonders What’s Going on with San Leandro Police


I was appalled at the amount that city employees receive each year as a pension. I don’t know about you, but crime seems to be way up. And it looks as though the sidewalks from San Leandro Boulevard to downtown have never had work on them.

Also, what ever happened to “Serve and Protect” on police cars? My 30-year-old son was walking down Washington to Safeway the other day and a policeman pulled him over and asked his name and where did he live and work. My son told him he was going to get something for his mother, as he is my caregiver and I needed some things.

My son dresses fine and is polite and respects his elders and anyone wearing a uniform. He asked politely, why was he being stopped? The officer saw some police cars going by fast and before he took off, he said, “I just like knowing who’s in my hood.” What is going on? Come on citizens, we deserve some answers.

Mara Copeland, San Leandro




Disputes West’s Claim About Obama Being ‘Biggest Liar’


One can only wonder if Leo T. West  is suffering from “selective amnesia” when he calls President Obama the “Biggest Liar to Inhabit the White House” 9/20.

I seem to remember that Richard Nixon was forced to resign from office because of some problems he had with a little issue called “Watergate.” Then there was G.W. Bush with his weapons of mass destruction bloopers that got us into that ruinous war in Iraq.

I wonder if Leo West and his ilk consider themselves part of that crowd of wealthy backers Mitt Romney was regaling with his attacks on the elderly, students, disabled, and Military folk that comprise the 47 percent of Americans who he said are leeching off the job creators.

Virulent hatred of this President allows you to contort and twist your reasons for your opinions, but it does not entitle you to your own set of facts.

Vernon S. Burton, San Leandro




Accuses White House of “Too Many Non-Truths”


I’ve never read or heard such truths coming from the public, which is good. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion.

A president’s first job should be honesty and integrity and to protect the people. Running away from responsibility and taking a plane trip across the country when the pressure is on and blaming others for shortcomings is absolutely inept. Unfortunately, those in the White House tell too many non-truths.

Facts and figures that come from the White House are completely different from what is told by good sources on radio and TV. The economy is a mess and needs to change. The facts and figures tell the story without listing all the shortcomings. I hope people will take a good look at the facts and figures and vote intelligently this time.

Earl Cava, San Leandro

Questions U.S. Role in World’s Affairs


Why are we still there?

We invaded Iraq. We caught Hussein. His country tried him, found him guilty, and sentenced him to death. They formed a new government. Why are we still there?

We invaded Afghanistan because they invaded America. We searched for 10 years. We found Bin Laden and killed him. Why are we still there?

Why do we have to tell the governments how to run their country? Why don’t we get all of our equipment and military out of the country and leave these countries that were doing well before we got there? They ran their own country without our help.

Why do we give these countries trillions of dollars to rebuild? No one wants us around, as evidence of the problems now on the news. No one like America, except heads of state, because of U.S. dollars. Why are we still there?

How would you feel if the military of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and countries in Africa sent their men to set up posts and walk the streets with gun?

Why don’t we get all of our military out of these countries and save their lives?

Tony Cosy, San Leandro




A Reminder of Unions’ Legacy for Working People


If you enjoy your eight-hour workday, your weekends off, sick leave, child labor laws, and safer working conditions, you need to thank the unions for standing up for the rights of all working people.

With America’s working families under unprecedented attacks, it’s important to remember what unions have done for Americans.  Without their perseverance and fighting for employee rights, you would not be enjoying the privileges you have today.

Let’s not forget the battles of the working class of the past and respect the struggles of the working class of the present.  To those who have gone before us to pave the way, to those that are beside us now, thank you!

Clifford Park, President

American  Fed. of Gov’t Employees

Local 1216, San Francisco





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