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A Question to School Board Challengers


The League of Women Voters did Castro Valley a great service by providing a forum where we could see and hear the candidates for the School Board.

While there were good questions posed, there was one thing I missed when the challengers were doing their presentations and it would help me as voting time draws near to get an answer to the following question: “Specifically, what is it that the current School Board members haven’t done that the Challengers will do?”

Because the challengers did not leave any materials after the League of Women Voters program, I think it would be helpful to see how each would answer this question.

Frank Mellon, Castro Valley


Stanton Avenue Way Overdue For Resurfacing


Stanton is a mile and a half long and stretches from Castro Valley Blvd. to Crest Avenue. I live at the top and to my knowledge for the 30-plus years I have lived here it has not been thoroughly resurfaced.

The road’s present condition shows that those years have not been kind. Many spot-repairs have been completed, leaving uneven surfaces to drive over. There are numerous pot holes infesting the whole length of the thoroughfare; some filled in – but coming undone – and many more left open to attack unsuspecting tires trying to weave their way up or down the hill.

So when some road equipment arrived on Stanton last week and started jack hammering to beat the band it filled me with great joy. I thought that finally this venerable old road would get its long overdue repair.

But alas it was not to be. Instead, the powers that be have decided that the street corners should be made handicap accessible. I am not saying that this isn’t a good and noble idea because it is, but notice on examination it can be seen that Stanton doesn’t have many sidewalks that could connect with these improvements. And the sidewalks that do exist are random and in many cases of different surfaces and consistencies.

Any handicapped person attempting to negotiate the street would be much better off, and safer, getting a cab than risking the dangers of a descent down this mostly unimproved route.

My hope is that once the corners are completed that Alameda County will see fit to make the necessary road repairs and then put in sidewalks that will connect with these wonderful new handicap accessible corners.

Allan Cartwright, Castro Valley


$1 Per Fill-Up at Chevron Goes to CV Schools


Chevron is partnering with DonorsChoose.org this month to provide money to local schools.  From Oct. 1-31, each time consumers buy 8 gallons of fuel or more at Chevron stations in Castro Valley, the Fuel Your School program will donate $1 to a classroom project in Castro Valley.  For more information, go to  www.FuelYourSchool.com.

Debbie Parkes, Castro Valley


An Invitation from Castro Valley Pride


Castro Valley Pride would like to invite Mary Valens (“‘Homosexual Booth’ Kept Her From Attending the Fall Festival,” Letters, Sept. 26) to meet the members of Castro Valley Pride and have dinner with us at the CV restaurant of her choice.

We’d like to talk with Mary about our lives, our families and why we think it’s important to identify ourselves as an integral part of our vibrant and diverse community. Among our group there are two Moms and one Dad, four students, and some just great folks.

We are not a threat to anyone and we’d like to get to know more of our neighbors. Mary we’d like to hear your story and we’d like to share ours. Our treat!

Billy Bradford, Castro Valley




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