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If You Were Disturbed by Saturday Night’s Racket at the Oakland Coliseum...


I am sitting at home, 10:37 p.m. on Saturday. There is an event in the Oracle Arena parking lot called Beyond Wonderland. I am three miles from the Coliseum. The music is audible in my house with all the windows closed. I find this annoying at the least.

OPD says they have a permit to keep it that loud until 2 a.m. OPD is collecting complaints at 777-3333. The arena can be contacted at www.coliseum.com and the company running it at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I encourage my neighbors who were annoyed by this to let them all know how you feel about it. It is not too late to tell them.

Rhett Varnadore, San Leandro




Accuses Bay-O-Vista Board of Lack of Follow-through on Crime, Disaster Issues


In January of 2011, the Board of the Bay-O-Vista Improvement Association sent a letter to every home in our community. In that letter, they announced their plans for the year 2011.

I am writing this letter – 21 months later – to remind the BOVIA Board and the rest of our community that they have not followed through on their original commitments in that letter.

The letter laid out a crime-watch/ disaster preparedness plan that they promised to implement in BOV. The board said they were going to organize BOV into 8 crime-watch zones with designated block captains throughout each zone. They also said they were going to set up a disaster preparedness plan that would work in conjunction with the crime watch.

Well, here we are almost two years later and BOVIA has done nothing to make the plan a reality. So what happened?

In August of 2011, I contacted a BOVIA board member to inquire as to what progress had been made on the plan and what I was told did not surprise me (or anyone else in our community that has observed BOVIA’s dysfunctional operations over the years.) The plan, it was explained to me, had been put on hold indefinitely by BOVIA Board President Wayne Gregori.

Coincidentally, at that same time, BOVIA announced that they were launching a dinner dance for the community. The full resources of the BOVIA board were then directed at this dance. The night of the dance itself turned out to be a total fiasco as the board lost track of how much wine was being consumed by the attendees, and consequently $1,200 was overspent on the event.

Bay-O-Vista is being led by a board that believes a dinner dance is more important than community safety. What have these people been drinking?

Bruce Browne, San Leandro




Supports Crow for Council, District 4


After attending the LWV/Chamber of Commerce candidates forum held on Sept. 25, I believe Chris Crow is the best choice for San Leandro City Council District 4.

Mr. Hutchison is not qualified to serve on the City Council. He demonstrated no knowledge of San Leandro issues at the forum. Instead, he demonstrated poor listening skills.

Ms. Daevu answered many questions by mentioning her college degree, rather than by describing how she’d apply that knowledge to the position. She appeared to have ‘canned’ (memorized/read) opening and closing statements, which sounded different than her responses to the audience questions. I suspect she has a seasoned campaign manager, rather than fresh ideas of her own.

As for Mr. Lee, he seems to be a human chameleon. His positions on controversial issues change, depending on who is asking. In other words, he lacks integrity as well as conviction.

Chris Crow was the only District 4 candidate to demonstrate a clear understanding of the issues. He has the knowledge and initiative necessary to be an effective leader on the City Council.

C. Scobee, Sheffield Village




Supports Daevu, Hutchison for Council, District 4


An important City Council election looms in Council District 4, and we long-timers in the area request city-wide voters to choose carefully and vote for and elect mature and experienced incoming council members who will work cooperatively with the existing Mayor and Council for a better San Leandro.

In rank-choice-voting please vote for Darlene Daevu 1st choice, and Justin Hutchison 2nd choice.  Both have been active community participants.

Candidate Benny Lee and his Heron Bay Homeowners Association have an extensive history of very costly ($90,000 in attorney costs) challenges and obstructions to planned heavy industrial projects in San Leandro.

Previous victim of Heron Bay was EBMUD’s project for a small fresh-water treatment facility on the South side of San Lorenzo Creek.  Now, again, they and their attorney have recently leveled new extensive challenges and charges against San Leandro’s City Planning Dept. and it’s zoning requirements in San Leandro’s heavy industrial zone, a good project recycling used wind turbines located way south of San Lorenzo Creek and not harmful to residences.

Chris Crow was summarily removed for cause from the City’s Planning Commission by unanimous vote of Council and Mayor, and is a “carpetbagger” moved into District 4 to “qualify” for the vacant seat, and he is not even listed in the phone book.

Our future, and the City’s future depends upon our elected representatives, and your vote is important. Vote  Daevu 1st  choice,  and Hutchison  2nd  choice.

Howard  Kerr, San Leandro

(City Councilmember ’92-’96)




Supports Mack-Rose for Council, District 2


San Leandro is at a pivotal and challenging juncture where it needs to move quickly and judiciously to become a better city, and it needs good people to make it happen. This is the reason I’m voting for the strongest candidate running for city council – Morgan Mack-Rose.

She has the rare combination of a leader our city needs: a smart, effective, and diligent worker who gets things done; respected team leader who is fair, honest, listens and collaborates well with people; active researcher who has time to devote to problems, possibilities, and solutions; forward-looking optimist and visionary who feels the pulse of our diverse city. Wow, all in one package!

I have seen Morgan Mack-Rose in action and know that she’ll make a significant contribution to and will be a catalytic member of the city council.

She is a person of high-caliber who is willing to serve and who shares our vision of a better San Leandro. Like you, I want a clean, safe, vibrant and attractive community with great schools, great neighbors, great businesses, and great city government; good leaders can make this happen. Our votes can make this happen – Morgan Mack-Rose for city council!

Phyllis S. Gee, San Leandro




Urges a Get-Out-to-Vote on Measure L


As a parent of an elementary school student and middle school (Roosevelt and Bancroft) student here in San Leandro public schools, I fully support Measure L and have been volunteering some of my time to help with the campaign.

Perhaps the most impressive element of the campaign thus far in my opinion is this: an overwhelming number of the campaign volunteers are San Leandro students. These dedicated young scholars are taking the time to fight for their own education, on top of their already challenging school and extra-curricular schedules.

If those are the type of students San Leandro schools are producing with limited funding, imagine our community with a fully funded and fully supported school system!

My family is lucky in that we have choices about where to live and where to educate our children. But we choose to stay here in our remarkable, diverse community and fight for the future of this unique city.

Let’s all learn something from our very own dedicated student population, and get out the vote for Measure L!

Kate Miller, San Leandro




Calls Measure L ‘a Good Investment’


As a volunteer, I support Measure L because I believe by working together we can help improve our local schools. Increasing the locally controlled resources we bring to our schools is one of the most important steps we can take.

Volunteers work closely “in the trenches” with school janitors, trades, teachers, and principals on Beautification Days. We know how hard-working and caring so many of our school partners really are.

These are exciting times in San Leandro. I’m thrilled to see Burrell Field under construction and can’t wait for the new Swim Center. If you haven’t seen a performance at our new Performing Arts Center, you are in for a treat.

We have taken some big steps, but hard work remains. Let’s roll up our sleeves and pitch in. Measure L is a good investment that will help our schools shine, and that benefits us all.

Rob Rich, San Leandro




Says Measure A1 ‘Not What It Pretends to Be’


Measure A1, sponsored by the executives of the Oakland Zoo, is not what it pretends to be: a way to fund caring for cute animals. It’s a way to fund development of a $72 million, 3-story office, restaurant, gift shop, visitor center and theme park on a sensitive ridgeline.

It is an irrevocable 25-year tax that would allow zoo executives to pave over rich habitat on public land in Oakland’s largest park: Knowland Park. It gives taxing authority to a private company with no elected representatives or public accountability.

The zoo currently gets millions of dollars in public funding, including Oakland city funds, hotel taxes, East Bay Regional Park District funds, other bonds, and a multimillion-dollar State Parks grant.

The deception in this bill I find appalling, and you will too if you take the time to read the whole thing. What the zoo execs are counting on is that you won’t. They’re betting you’ll vote for this as a vote for conservation.

Ironically, it will pave over some of California’s rare native grassland, home of endangered species and an important corridor for wildlife.

Visit www.Saveknowland.org for the full story on this underhanded attempt to steal sensitive public land by a private company, with your money.

Bay Area open space is always under siege by developers, including this one. They can afford to lose many of these battles. But once the bulldozers start rolling, that public open space treasure is lost forever.

Tyler Yarbrough, San Leandro





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