City Council Candidates Report Campaign Finances
Sunday, 14 October 2012 10:09



By Amy Sylvestri

San Leandro Times

The latest candidate financial statements for those running for City Council were due last week, and Morgan Mack-Rose, Benny Lee, and Jim Prola are the biggest money-makers in their respective districts.

The statements include contributions and expenses from Jan. 1 to Sept. 30 of this year.

In District 2, Mack-Rose reported total year-to-date contributions of $26,150 and total expenditures of $15,328. Included is a $4,000 loan to herself.

Mack-Rose’s biggest donors are Galvan & Associates, a company that trains businesses on how to negotiate with local governments (which gave three different donations totaling $4,500); Dr. Margaret Walker ($3,000); the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce ($2,500); Stephen Cassidy for Mayor 2010 ($1,000); The Sentinels ($1,000); Daniel Grace ($1,000); Tim Holmes ($1,000); and Innisfree Ventures, the Village Marketplace developers, ($1,000)

Mack-Rose’s expenditures include over $6,000 in printing, $3,000 for graphic design and web design, and $2,200 for campaign mailer postage.

Each candidate’s expenditures include a $1,400 candidate statement fee to the city.

District 2 incumbent Ursula Reed reported $9,100 in contributions year-to-date and $2,705 in expenditures.

Reed’s biggest donor was female-centric political action committee PACE ($1,000), and she also got a lot of support from unions. The Electrical workers Local 595, SEIU Local 1021, and Teamsters 893 each gave her $500.

Reed’s other notable contributions are from the California Real Estate PAC ($500), and former City Councilwoman Surlene Grant ($400). Reed also loaned herself $2,400.

Reed has spent $1,000 in campaign materials, and $300 for renting a restaurant for a fundraiser.

District 2 candidate Dan Dillman reports contributions of $3,107 and has spent $2,483 year-to-date.

Dillman’s biggest monetary supporter is software engineer Cindy Colindres ($1,000) and he also got $100 contributions from Patrick Vadnais who is the advertising manager for the San Leandro Times, Kim Blackseth who is self-employed, and Anne Bruetsch who is an engineer with Konica Minolta.

In District 4, candidate Benny Lee reported $14,441 in total contributions and $8,967 in expenditures year-to-date.

Lee’s contributions include two separate $5,000 loans to himself. Other contributors include former Mayor Tony Santos ($200), Eden Reality ($250), and Alameda City Council member Lena Tam ($100).

Lee reported spending about $500 on printing and materials and $2,500 to campaign consultant Charles Gilcrest.

District 4 candidate Darlene Daevu reported $11,798 in contributions and only $651 in expenditures.

Daevu is her own biggest supporter with a $7,500 loan to her campaign. She also received donations from Howard Kerr, president of the Oro Loma Sanitary District ($1,000); SEIU Local 1021 ($500); and PACE ($500).

Daevu’s largest expense was printing, over $400.

Also in the District 4 race, Chris Crow has raised $6,162 year-to-date and he has spent $2,188.

Crow’s supporters include the California Real Estate PAC ($500); Stephen Cassidy for Mayor 2010 ($500); Electrical Workers Local 595 ($500); Halus Power Systems (the company that wants to build a wind turbine in District 4 – $500), and F.H. Dailey Chevrolet ($500). Crow has also loaned himself $1,100.

Crow’s biggest expenditures have been $300 in printing and $200 in miscellaneous office expenses.

District 4 candidate Justin Hutchison didn’t turn in a finance form by the deadline, but said he planned on getting a form 470 to the city this week, which means he anticipates receiving less than $1,000 in total contributions.

Hutchison said his biggest donors are Gina Buscheck, a friend who donated $200 and Clancy’s Ice Cream, which donated $100.

In District 6, incumbent Jim Prola reported $34,230 in contributions received this year and he has spent $12,885.

Prola’s biggest contributors are unions. He received $4,000 from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees; and $1,000 each from the California Teamsters, Firefighters Local 55, Deputy Sheriff’s Association, and Electrical Workers Local 595.

Prola also received money from the Marina Inn ($1,500); and Innisfree, the developers behind the Village Marketplace ($1,000). He also reported an $8,000 loan to himself.

Prola’s biggest expenses are $4,500 for a campaign consultant, $1,700 in printing, and $1,400 for signs.

District 6 candidate Hermy Almonte reported $4,500 in contributions and $2,286 in expenditures.

Almonte received $500 from the Cassidy for Mayor campaign, and the rest from individual donors, including $600 from Dr. Stewart Chen, and $250 from Nestor Almonte. He also received $250 worth of t-shirts form Stephen Cassidy.

Almonte’s expenditures include $700 in campaign flyers and $75 for Facebook advertisements.

The full candidate financial statements can be read on the City of San Leandro’s website, under the candidate information tab.



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