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Go A’s in 2013!


Thanks a thousand times over to the Oakland A’s for an amazing season. You showed the country what real champs are made of – spirit.

Go A’s in 2013!

Carolyn Diaz, San Leandro




Lavine ‘Missed Opportunity’ On Flap Over PBS-Funding


Mel Lavine missed an opportunity in his column of Oct. 11: “The Night Romney attacked PBS.”

To Romney’s statement that, while he liked Big Bird, he would eliminate federal funding for PBS and therefore decimate and perhaps completely eliminate PBS, the overwhelming response has been both humorous and silly: “Save Big Bird.”

KQED, our own PBS station, lays out the facts of public broadcasting in their email of Oct. 4: “The American taxpayer contributes only $1.35 per year for public television, public radio and the educational services public media provides.

Thirty years of research shows that children who watch Sesame Street in preschool spend more time reading for fun in high school and obtain higher grades in English, math and science.” And this one is the most important: “Funding for public media represents less than 0.0014% of the federal budget.”

Eliminating federal funding for PBS could not be about cutting the deficit, since it represents such a tiny part of the budget. The aim of Republicans, including Romney, is about silencing a voice; a non-partisan news source that is independent of, and therefore not beholden to, any corporation. To be sure, the Republican Party wishes every voter would watch only self-proclaimed “Fair & Balanced” Fox news.

Sarah Bailey, San Leandro




Thanks to All Who Made Davis Street Fundraiser Such a Big Success


Last Friday night Davis Street and San Leandro made history. The “Stand Up for Davis Street” comedy fundraiser held at the Historic Bal Theatre was attended by an audience of 700 ticket holders and over 60 volunteers, happy to support our programs and very curious about the “surprise guest.”

The event was a huge success thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, the community and the very talented and funny comedians,  Brian Copeland, Bob Satlatte, Mark Pitta, Will Durst, and Johnny Steele who brought the house down! But the audience roared when the one and only George Lopez entered the stage to the tune “Low Rider.”

Thank you to Brian Copeland for bringing this incredible line up to San Leandro! A heartfelt thank you to George Lopez for his performance and for staying to socialize until our last guest left – it was perfect!!!!

“I can’t remember a more memorable night in San Leandro” said one guest, while others have flooded our lines emails and texts to share their enthusiasm. One person reflected on the serious work we do to help those in need, by saying that Davis Street delivered laughter tonight...and that is the best medicine!

So, folks, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. My staff thanks you, our volunteers thank you, and our neighbors who will benefit from your contribution, thank you!

Rose Padilla Johnson, Executive Dir.

Davis St. Family Resource Center





School Parcel Tax Common in Surrounding Communities


Did you know that in addition to receiving less funding and State support than any other School District in our region, San Leandro has never passed a parcel tax? Cities all around us have been passing parcel taxes to support their schools for years, and our $39/year proposed tax is tiny by comparison to the taxes other cities collect.

Alameda passed a parcel tax last year that charges 32¢ per square foot even though they had taxes in place equal to $309 per parcel that continue through this year. We have already lost businesses to Alameda and many families have moved there for the schools. Property values reflect that.

Piedmont already has enormous parcel taxes in place, but they still plan a tax for the 2013 ballot. They summarize the need by saying “Contributing over one-third of the school district’s annual budget, Piedmont’s school support tax is the single most important reason our school system has been able to maintain a robust program in the face of ongoing state budget crises.”

Aside from Alameda and Piedmont, many school districts in Alameda County have parcel taxes. Voters in these cities understand that the best way to support their property values and their ability to attract and keep businesses is to support their schools.

It is great that Patrick Kennedy had the vision and generosity to build the fiber loop, but if the rest of us don’t do anything to support our schools, we will likely lose out on the sort of businesses that also bring great jobs. Those businesses want to move to cities where their employees will want to live. The longer we go without a parcel tax the less capable we are of being that city.

I ask you all to please vote Yes on Measure L to support jobs, businesses, and property values.

Mitch Huitema, San Leandro




Annual $39 School Tax: ‘What a Bargain!’


I am writing to express my support for Measure L, the ballot measure that would result in my paying a mere $39 annually for just 5 years to support public education in San Leandro. What a bargain!

I’ve had two children go through the high school: one in accelerated/honors classes and another in special education classes and I was pleased with the outcomes of both.

And, if the renovation completed at the high school is any indication of what the school district will do with the additional revenue they will receive when this ballot measure passes, I’m in full support of paying additional fees to maintain our schools in San Leandro. If we all pay a little, the kids win a lot!

Joan McNamara, San Leandro




Measure L ‘Important to Economic Development’


Although I no longer have children in San Leandro schools,  I support the passage of Measure L on Nov. 6.


Preserving quality education in our schools is important to the economic development of the community in attracting new residents and businesses alike.

We all know families and businesses that chose to move to a particular city because of the schools. This is one of the reasons the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce supports Yes on Measure L.

In the face of the ongoing state budget crises many school districts in Alameda County now have parcel taxes. Voters in these cities recognize the best way to increase property values and to attract and keep businesses is to support their schools.

Voter approval of the proposed parcel tax of $39 per year for a residential homeowner is a modest investment to make in order to maintain property values in this community.

Please join me in supporting our local schools by voting YES on Measure L.

Donna Reed, San Leandro




Supports Ursula Reed for Council: ‘Diverse in Ideas’


More than 2,200 students pass through the intersection of Bancroft and 136th Ave. each day. Students from the high school, the 9th grade campus and Assumption School all move through this intersection in Council District 2.

For years this intersection posed challenges as cars and students met.  I should know, I live near by. Now, there is a new 6-way traffic light and measures in place for safe passage of children and adults from all over town. Any other place, the proverbial traffic light would be a small thing, but at this intersection, it is a big thing.

Due to the foresight and efforts of Councilmember Ursula Reed we have it. This is one of just hundreds of things she has done for our community as a Councilmember. As the election gets closer, I truly hope that people will look at the overall experience and actions of our candidates and not just their words.

I truly want a City Council that is diverse in its ideas and views and one that is made up of members that will thoughtfully question each other, on the path of determining what is best for our city overall.

Mary Ann Frates, San Leandro




Supports Crow for Council: ‘Mr. San Leandro’


San Leandro has a chance to have a person of a new generation take a leadership role in the city, to be the voice of a group of people who will continue San Leandro’s progress, and to represent those who are considering relocating here to work and raise their families.

That is why I am supporting Chris Crow for City Council, District 4.

Chris is an extremely passionate, hard working, intelligent and loyal person. I have known Chris for many years and more recently had the opportunity to see his work ethic in action.

When one of our good friends, Craig Alaniz, was diagnosed with cancer, a group of us formed Team Craig to help support Craig and his family. After Craig passed, we continued to raise funds to keep his memory alive for cancer prevention, support for survivors and scholarships to students at San Leandro High School. We all worked hard, but Chris took the lead and led the charge to make it happen.

Amongst our friends, Chris is known as Mr. San Leandro, always attending and promoting city and school events. He is a community minded person that cares about San Leandro and its past, present and future.

Jessi Cutter, San Leandro




Opposes Lee for Council


My family has lived in San Leandro for over 30 years before the Heron Bay homes were built, and worked very hard with others to save an preserve the marshland surrounding Heron Bay development for all to enjoy. We intended the area to have access for everyone to walk and benefit from the trails.

We were told at meetings that access to the trail would be made at the end of Lewelling Blvd. for the public. But the Heron Bay Homeowners Association and their president Benny Lee changed the access to this area by putting up parking violation signs that say only Heron Bay residents are allowed to park, severely limiting access.

There was no consideration as to what impact this decision would have on the community outside Heron Bay.

Everyone else is now subjected to having his or her car towed with large fees. This deceptive action took a lot of residents in District 4 by surprise and many returned from the trail to find their cars had been towed. This was an exclusive act that shows a characteristic we do not need in a council member.

A council member must represent all of their district, not just a select area. Furthermore, there is more to representation of a district than the exclusivity that Heron Bay Homeowner’s Association and president Benny Lee have shown by their actions.

Elizabeth Dennis, San Leandro






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