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Thursday, 18 October 2012 17:01

Kasey Chew shoots a 24 on the par-30 Marina Course at Monarch Bay

101812sBy Jim Knowles

San Leandro Times

San Leandro High golfer Kasey Chew shot the best score ever recorded at the 9-hole Marina course at the Monarch Bay Golf Club.

Earlier this month, Chew shot a 24 for the par-30 course, seven shots under par, in a match between San Leandro High and Arroyo.

“As far as we know it’s the best score in the history of the Marina Course,” said San Leandro High golf coach Mitch Miloslavich. “She’s one of the best golfers in the East Bay.”

Monarch Bay has two courses – the 18-hole Tony Lema course, and the 9-hole Marina Course. High school teams play matches against other teams on the Marina Course, but the tournaments between a larger number of teams are played on the 18-hole course.

Chew is familiar with the Marina Course – that’s where her dad taught her to play.

“I’ve been playing since I was 6 or 7,” Chew said. “My dad started me off on the Marina Course when I was little.”

Chew shot her record-breaking score by shooting a par on four of the holes, four birdies (1 under par) and one eagle (two under par).

An eagle is an unusual feat. Chew shot hers on the par-4 eighth hole. To get 2-under par she hit her tee shot over 200 yards and the ball came to a stop on the green, just 5 feet from the hole from where she made the putt.

On the No. 2 hole, Chew hit her tee shot about 30 yards from the green. Her chip shot from 30 yards landed right in the cup, to the amazement of the other players.

“They said, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen a birdie before on a chip in,’” Chew said.

Chew overcame a setback to become the golfer she is today. She missed the season during her sophomore year when she had surgery for her back which was out of alignment.

The condition was diagnosed in middle school, but when her back got to 40 degrees out of alignment surgery was necessary.

Chew has rods and bolts in her back and she proudly wears one of the stainless-steel bolts on a necklace.

Nine months after the surgery, Chew started swinging a club again. She returned to the golf team in her junior year and did “okay.” She kept practicing and working out and now in her senior year she’s back on track.

“It’s paying off because I shot a 24,” she said. “I’m just really happy.”

Chew feels she’s now playing well enough to reach her goal. She’s hoping for a golf scholarship at Cal State East Bay and to major in business.

She’s also gotten ideas in golf apparel and equipment. She suggested that the Molhimawk company make a pink and black checkered golf bag, since those are her favorite colors. They did, and it’s become a big seller.

“All because I took it to the golf course and people liked it,” she said.

Chew was given a golf bag (as an amateur she can’t accept any money) and she likes to wear a TFK cap from a T-shirt company on Farnsworth Street.

She’s met professional golfers Brittany Lincicome and Christina Kim who’ve given her encouragement. And she’s adopted the style of lining up a putt from Camilio Villegas, who is known as the Spider by the way he crouches down to eye the ball and the green.

Now Chew is known as Spider on the Monarch Bay golf course.

When she was younger, Chew made a prediction to her dad.

“I told my dad, ‘One day I’m going to beat you,’” she said with a laugh. “And now I’m beating my dad.”

Setting the record score at the Marina course is remarkable, but to Chew it just seemed a matter time.

“This is my home course, so I thought it’s about time I got a good score on it,” she said. “I got a good score and it feels really good.”

CAPTION: Kasey Chew learned to golf on the Marina course, and now she holds the course record.




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