Prola and Reed Returned to City Council
Thursday, 08 November 2012 10:58


People got a laugh at the Democratic Party office in Hayward on election night when somebody accidently hit the wrong button on the remote and cut the TV signal just as the returns were being announced.

By Amy Sylvestri

San Leandro Times

Incumbents Jim Prola and Ursula Reed have won four more years on the City Council and they will be joined by new District 4 Councilman-elect Benny Lee.

After the first round of tabulations, Reed and Lee didn’t get a 50 percent majority of votes, but after the votes for the second and third choice candidates were counted in the Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) process, they were victorious.

Prola beat fellow District 6 candidate Hermy Almonte in the first round, receiving 55 percent of the vote (8,239 votes) to Almonte’s 44 percent (6,516 votes).

The District 2 race was much closer, with Reed taking 50.3 percent of the vote (7,594 votes) for a narrow victory over Morgan Mack Rose, who had 49.6 percent (7,497 votes) – less than 100 votes separated the two in the end.

The majority of District 2 third place candidate Dan Dillman’s 3,126 first round votes were transferred to Mack-Rose in the the RCV process, but not enough to push her past Reed.

In the District 4 Race, Lee – the city’s first Asian American council member –  won in the fourth round of RCV. Lee had 43 percent of the vote in the first round and wound up with 59 percent (7,982 votes) once second and third choice votes were taken into consideration.

Four Candidates Run in District 4

District 4 opponent Chris Crow came in second with 25 percent in the first found (3,711 votes), Darlene Daevu third with 20 percent in the first round (2,974 votes), and Justin Hutchinson fourth with 10 percent in the first round (1,558 votes).

The wining candidates were all endorsed by the police and fire unions.

The candidates were all in high spirits on election night, no matter their place in the polls. After the results started coming in showing him solidly in last place, Dan Dillman changed the channel on his TV at his party at the BAL Theater.

“Um, everyone start thinking positive thoughts,” said Dillman, drawing laughs from the crowd.

“It’s not about wining or losing, it’s about trying to make the city better,” Dillman said.

Chris Crow was also at the BAL Theater Tuesday night, sprinting in after campaigning to the last minute.

“It was a grass roots campaign,” said Crow of his race. “And even if it doesn’t translate into results, I saw a lot of support for my message.”

Mack-Rose Runs in Close Race in District 2

At Zocalo’s coffeehouse, Mack-Rose reflected on her close race.

“I’m on pins and needles, it’s exciting,” Mack-Rose said. “What I’ve learned during this election is that people love this town.”

At Porky’s Pizza, Hutchison and Lee spent election night hanging out together, despite the fact they were running against each other.

“It has just been great,” said Hutchison as the numbers came in showing him in last place. “It’s been a lot of fun and this guy (Lee) will be great.”

Lee called the election a “great learning experience” and said one of the things he’s most looking forward to as a council member is picking people for various commissions.

Despite being incumbents, both Prola and Reed were not supported by Mayor Stephen Cassidy, who gave his endorsement to Mack-Rose, Almonte, and Crow.

Reed said that the mayor’s stance will make working on the council “an uphill battle,” but Prola says he’s not bitter about the snub.

“I expected him to endorse Hermy, but I think it was a mistake and I think Stephen will realize it was a mistake,” said Prola. “I  hate to see a council member take a position against a fellow council member. But I pledge to work with him and the rest of the council and hope he will work with me. All of us have the same goal of making San Leandro a better place for everyone.”



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