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Thursday, 08 November 2012 17:58

By Amy Sylvestri

San Leandro Times

The results of the state propositions are in, with Alameda County residents  largely voting the same way as the majority of the state – though the county voted to repeal the death penalty (Proposition 34), while the state as a whole did not.

There were 11 propositions on the state ballot, each needing a majority vote to win.

California voters approved Proposition 30, which will benefit the state’s public schools by raising sales tax by a quarter percent and raising taxes on people who earn over $250,000 a year. The money will go into the state’s general fund and the proposition was approved by 56 percent of voters.

Proposition 31 failed – it would have mandated that the state budget be set for two years instead of annually and given the governor unilateral power to cut spending during fiscal emergencies. Only 40 percent voted in favor.

Proposition 32 was struck down. It would have caused major upheaval in campaign finance by preventing unions from using members’ dues to fund political campaigns, but only 44 percent of Californians voted yes.

Proposition 33 failed with 45 percent  in favor of the proposition, which would have allowed auto insurance companies to set prices based on a driver’s history of insurance coverage.

Proposition 34 would have repealed the death penalty and replaced it with life in prison without parole, but it failed with 46 percent voting in favor.

Proposition 35 passed – it will increase fines and prison sentences for people convicted of human trafficking and 80 percent of voters approved it.

Voters approved  Proposition 36 (68 percent of votes), which will change the state’s “three-strikes” law so that offenders will only receive a life sentence if their third felony is a violent crime.

Proposition 37, the measure to require labeling on genetically engineered food, failed, with 47 percent voting for it.

Just 27 percent of voters supported Proposition 38, which was another plan to fund schools that would have increased income taxes on a a sliding scale.

Proposition 39  was approved by 63 percent of voters. The proposition will mandate that companies that do business in California and another state pay income taxes based on their sales made in California.

Voters passed Proposition 40 (70 percent of votes), which approves the newly redrawn state senate districts that changed following the 2010 census.



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