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Harry Francis: We Need More People Like Him




Harry Francis passed away last week on Sunday, Nov 4th. I read it in the Forum when I came home – so sad, he really was such a sweet person.


I remember the two most recent times when we met up: (1) he came up and congratulated me at the meeting when Supervisor Nate Miley introduced me as MAC’s newest member and (2) he shouted out a big, hearty hello from the CVSAN booth at this year’s Fall Festival.


Unlike the countless personal friends that knew Harry for decades, Harry and I met only eight years ago. Although ours was a professional friendship, that didn’t matter to Harry. No matter how busy he was, his greetings to me were always warm and genuine, as if we had always been old friends.


If Harry was having health issues, he didn’t dwell upon them. Whenever I asked him how he was doing, his response was always the same. With a gigantic smile on his face, he would reply, “Never better, never better!”


Castro Valley lost a long-time, cherished member of its community when Harry Francis passed away. We need more people like him in this world. To his family, I say, thank you for sharing Harry with us.

Aileen Chong-Jeung, Castro Valley MAC



Veterans Memorial Ceremony: Three Scout Groups

Helped Out; Where was the CHP?



I have a couple of comments about the dedication ceremony for the Veterans Memorial that occurred on Nov. 11th in Castro Valley.


1) It was with great pleasure and pride that our local Boy Scouts were invited and able to help out with this event.


2) It was a disappointment that only Troop 789 was thanked near the end of the ceremony, when there were three Castro Valley Troops that worked the event. Troops 726 and 722 were the other two.


3) Where was the Highway Patrol, who are the traffic enforcement of the streets of Castro valley?


This event could have had better traffic conditions if they had been there to help out. Instead, adults and scouts from Troop 722 took it upon themselves to control the flow of traffic in and around the area in order to prevent total gridlock in this small area.

—Bob Mappes

Scoutmaster of  Troop 722, Castro Valley



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