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Thursday, 15 November 2012 14:20

111512e3Now through November, check out the “People and Places of the Southern Hemisphere” photographic exhibit at the Main Library, 300 Estudillo Ave., in San Leandro. The provocative exhibit features stunning photos from renowned local photographers.

The Arts Council of San Leandro and the San Leandro Main Library are presenting this free exhibit, featuring the work of Kamau Amen-Ra, Charles Rhone, Edward Miller, Wanda and Tasin Sabir, and Tumani Onbiyi.

This group photo exhibit is a visual reminder that the resources of life that we depend on started from the south then spread north. This work gives homage to the people and materials from the southern hemisphere.

Amen-Ra captured a photo of a woman who took a long, difficult journey while pregnant.

“This photograph is of a woman who traveled from Venezuela through the Amazon Forest to get to a tiny village (Trancoso) in the state of Bahia (located in the north eastern coast of Brazil). It took she and her husband one year to reach Trancoso,” said Amen-Ra.

The free exhibit is open during library hours and all works are available for purchase.

For more information on this current photographic exhibit, call Missy Brooks of the Arts Council of San Leandro at 510-567-2621.

CAPTION: “Woman from Venezuela” by Kamua Amen-Ra is currently on display at the Main Library as part of the “People and Places of the Southern Hemisphere” photo exhibit.



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