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Thursday, 15 November 2012 14:50

111512n3By Amy Sylvestri

San Leandro Times

Despite some fluctuations caused by absentee and provisional ballots and Ranked Choice Voting calculations, it looks like the preliminary results posted election night will turn out to be the accurate results of the the City Council and Measure L elections.

In the City Council races, none of the District 2 or 4 candidates got the necessary 50 percent +1 majority after the initial round of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). But, after the votes for the second and third choice candidates were counted in the RCV process, Ursula Reed and Benny Lee appeared to be victorious.

Incumbent Reed’s lead over second-place District 2 candidate Morgan Mack-Rose fluctuated from just 97 votes on the night of the election to over 400 as of Tuesday. Reed has 50.93 percent of the voters (11,060 votes) to Mack-Rose’s 49.07 percent (10,654 votes) — a difference of 406 votes.

The results were not quite as tight in the District 4 race. As of Tuesday — a week after the election — Lee has 60.99 percent of the vote (11,778 votes) to Chris Crow’s 39.01 percent (7,534 votes).

The results of San Leandro school parcel tax Measure L also remain the same:  it appears to have failed by a margin of less than 1 percent (149 votes) — getting 65.93 percent approval (13,392 votes) when it needed two-thirds approval. Some people have theorized that because Measure L was on the back side of the ballot, some voters may have overlooked it.

All results are considered unofficial until the Alameda County Registrar of Voters certifies them, but they are not expected to change meaningfully. Alameda County Registrar of Voters Dave Macdonald says his office is usually the first large county in the state to certify results.

They have 28 days from the date of the election to certify the results, but Macdonald says he anticipates to certify the results next week sometime before the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I know it doesn’t seem like it, but it’s lighting quick,” said Macdonald.

Updated results are posted online each day around 5 p.m. on the registrar’s website,

CAPTION: Benny Lee watches the results come in on election night with friends and family at Porky’s Pizza.




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