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CHP Responds to Veterans Memorial Complaint



Last week, Scoutmaster Bob Mappes wrote a letter to the editor discussing the recent Veteran’s Memorial Ceremony (“Veterans Memorial Ceremony: Three Scout Groups Helped Out; Where was the CHP?” Letters, Nov. 14).


He asked, “Where was the Highway Patrol, who are the traffic enforcement of the streets of Castro Valley?”  Apparently, adults and scouts from his troop took it upon themselves to direct traffic at the event.


As an Eagle Scout myself, I think it is great that these young men were able to take part in this ceremony. My father was a veteran of the United States Army.


To answer his question respectfully, while the California Highway Patrol was aware of this event, we were not notified by anyone of a need for traffic control. There are events weekly in Castro Valley, and when called upon, we work with our local partners to ensure safety for everyone.


On a typical weekend, we only deploy 3-4 officers per shift. These officers write traffic citations, mainly for violations that cause injuries like speeding, no seatbelt, and texting while driving.


They arrest drunk drivers and combat auto theft. They investigate traffic accidents, crimes on state property, and assist disable motorists.


In addition to 24/7 patrol, the CHP offers free car seat inspections, VIN number verifications, Older Driver Training, Teen Driver Training, traffic control, and a variety of other programs and indispensable services.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish the Castro Valley Community and their families a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Please avoid distracted driving. Wear your seatbelt. Travel at a speed that is safe for conditions, and designate a non-drinking driver for the safety of everyone on the road.  Follow us on Twitter @chpcastrovalley

Christopher Sherry, Commander

CHP Castro Valley



Says Obama’s Re-election Has Doomed America




Didn’t you know? Obama’s spiritual mentor for 18 years was a racist named Jeremiah Wright. Obama’s after-school tutor for 10 years (ages eight through 18) was a member of the Communist Party, named Frank Marshall Davis. Obama’s first political sponsor was the left-wing terrorist, Bill Ayers. Yet we still elected Obama.


Back in 2008, Obama warned us that he was going to turn our nation upside down. Just before his first election, Obama told a crowd at Missouri University, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”


Well, that’s what happens when you elect a socialist. A “socialist?” Remember what Obama said to “Joe the Plumber” in 2008? “I think when we spread the wealth, it’s good for everyone.” That is pure socialism. Yet we elected Obama anyway.


In 2008, I attributed Obama’s election to mere gullibility. But his re-election in 2012 demonstrates something very sinister. It reveals a deep corruption, which is rotting out the heart of the American people. It shows most Americans are now grasping socialists, who want Obama to raise taxes, so these parasites can live off wealthier people. I am appalled by their veniality.


Under Obama, our national debt has exceeded 100% of GDP. His supporters think it’s just fine for our generation to borrow money we will never pay back, but our grand kids will be paying back all their lives. I am disgusted by their selfishness.


Obama’s re-election has doomed America to economic and social collapse. High taxes and regulations will kill jobs, while inflation kills our purchasing power. This collapse cannot be reversed, because the “dependent class” (people who live on government checks) has grown so large, we will never again elect a true conservative as President.

Peter Hauer, Castro Valley




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