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Wednesday, 21 November 2012 13:39

By Carl Medford, CRS

Special to the Times

t’s that time again that so many cherish as their favorite part of the year — the Holiday Season.

Kicked off by Thanksgiving, it’s when Bay Area trees drop their remaining leaves, temperatures begin to slide, rains overflow from leaf-stuffed gutters and Christmas decorations appear… as if by magic.

Activities move indoors, furnaces begin to light and, as holiday catalogues descend on your mailbox like a swarm of locusts, turkeys inundate supermarket freezers and eggnog-faithfuls check dairy cases in anticipation.

Having grown up in the Great White North just south of the Canadian Tundra, I, for one, am delighted to be living in Central Alameda County at this time of the year. The mere thought of shoveling snow produces hives, and the trials associated with scraping ice from my car and then trying to start it in sub-zero temperatures are a distant memory of winters past.

While it may get chilly outside, we spoiled ones enjoy cool conditions while the majority of the country is immersed in freezing temperatures, snow and ice. We truly have a lot to be thankful for!

The Realtors of the Central County want to extend to you the warmest of wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

We’re all grateful that the economy seems to be mending, home prices are climbing and descending interest rates are making it possible for many to get their first home.

As we hear of the turmoil existing in so many parts of our globe, we’re thankful for peace here at home. Watching mop-up efforts after Sandy’s devastation, our hearts go out to those in that part of the country most devastated.

It’s sobering to ponder going into the holiday season without a home. We’re thankful that, while spared here on the West Coast, we can partner with the relief efforts in many tangible ways.

We also want to remind you that, although we don’t face the rigors of severe winters, we still need to prepare for the cooler days ahead. It’s time to change your furnace filters. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector outside the bedrooms.

Change the batteries in your smoke detectors and clean out your downspouts and gutters to ensure winter rains can easily flow. It’s also a good idea to have older roofs checked to ensure they will remain watertight.

From all of us to all of you — have a wonderful Thanksgiving! There is much to be thankful for.

Carl Medford is a licensed Realtor with Prudential California Realty in Castro Valley and a licensed general contractor. This article is sponsored by the Central County Marketing Association at www.ccmgtoday.com.



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