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Yes-on-L Chairs: Measure L Proves Every Vote Counts


We want to thank the citizens of San Leandro for supporting Measure L, the parcel tax for the San Leandro Unified School District.

Many people were involved in this effort and, as the Yes on Measure L Co-Chairs, we’re exceedingly grateful for everyone’s help and support. There are some special people and organizations we must acknowledge:

Tessa Atkinson-Adams served as our field director and was absolutely instrumental in all aspects of our success. 

Thanks go to Superintendent Cindy Cathey and her staff;  Martin Capron and the support of the Sports Foundation; to Dee and Jeff Kerry for donating the Measure L office space; to the San Leandro Teachers’ Association – in  particular Jon Sherr and Anita Waldron; to the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce for all of their support – Dave Johnson and his staff made an extra effort every day of the campaign;  and to Malia Vella of the UDC for stepping in and making block walks and overall support happen – her dedication, enthusiasm and belief in Measure L’s success made a huge difference to the campaign.

Lastly we have to recognize the students of San Leandro High School who, hands down, were the biggest group of volunteers – SLHS Key Club, SLHS Interact Club, SLHS Octagon Club, the SLHS Cross Country team, the SLHS Football Teams and all other individual students who block-walked and did phone banking.

Let me tell you, our future is very bright if the young people we encountered during this campaign are any indication of what is to come.

The passage of Measure L has implications for not only our schools but for our entire community as well. Folks want to live and work in a community that actively supports their schools. Measure L will be a part of the amazing things happening in our city – with LIT San Leandro attracting high technology firms to San Leandro, we can now say with pride that our schools are recognized and supported.

As more young families move into town we all will benefit from higher property values and more and more local businesses opening and being successful.

Recognizing that this vote was close, we have to thank each and every person who talked to someone about Measure L, and the 14,556 individuals who voted yes. Never, ever again feel like your one vote does not count – Measure L proves that it does. You have made a difference in the lives of over 8,800 children. You all deserve to feel very, very proud about that.

Deborah Cox & John Jermanis

Co-Chairs, Yes on Measure L




Disputes Comment on Ohlone Burial Site in Emeryville


Regarding comments made by Billy Trice, Jr. (“Emeryville Mall on Ohlone Burial Site Called Shameful,” Letters, Nov. 15) about the Bay-Shellmound project in Emeryville.

Mr. Trice should check his facts. The project had the approval and blessing of the Ohlone after receiving monetary compensation from the developers. Further, during the whole construction, they were allowed to have someone on site to monitor the location.

It must also be noted that the Bay Shellmound area was used as a trash heap by the indigenous people living in the area, not only the Ohlone tribe(s). That is why the name Shellmound! The shame is that money seems to overcome any sense of moral conscience...

Dennis Neal

San Leandro

Captain (Ret.) Emeryville P.D.




Leo West Upset Over Obama Re-election


Right after the election, Barack Obama has come with just another scare tactic, “The Fiscal Cliff.” This is used to talk about a “compromise,” read surrender.

Of course there will be a compromise, they all represent the same interests of the corporations. The scare tactics are used to better swindle the working people, just like Jerry Brown with his Prop. 30 which imposes another tax on consumers.

There are too many ignorant people in this country that have been herded to the early election polls with a Democratic Party’s guide list on how to vote.

Obama’s government gave billions of dollars in a bail-out to corporations and financial institutions who this time put about a billion dollar for each of the two main parties in the presidential race; it’s their time to collect again.

Barack Obama extended Bush’s tax cut for the rich twice, this time they’ll probably come up with a scheme to gut Social Security and to impose an austerity plan on all working people.

Obama’s victory guarantees U.S. imperialim four more years of internal social peace to carry out its war abroad and to impose their economic plan at home.

Don’t expect those who voted for Obama to take to the streets in protest.

Those who voted for Obama this time know what they’re getting and are, therefore, accomplices in the crimes.

Well, at least we stopped Mack-Rose.

Leo T. West

San Leandro




Says Election Post-Mortem Shows GOP Doesn’t Get It


When that electoral truck ran over the GOP and Mitt Romney on election night, many of us were not all that surprised. You see the  license plate on that vehicle was stamped Diversity.

When you spend an entire election cycle denigrating whole demographics and interfering with women’s health issues, it is highly unlikely that they will vote for you.

The post election post-mortems are showing that many in the GOP leadership still haven’t gotten the message. Well,to them I say have a nice stay on Planet Irrelevancy.

Vernon S. Burton

San Leandro




A Different Reading on the History of Thanksgiving


On Thanksgiving, Nov. 22, the majority of Americans will be celebrating. Many people believe that the first Thanksgiving stated several centuries ago in New England between American Indians and white settlers. Some said that there was harmony and that they sat down together for a feast.

Here is the truth. When the white settlers arrived on this shore, many of them were suffering from starvation and some suffered from fatal illnesses. American Indians such as the Tisquantums and Samosets fed and nourished them back to health. The Massasoits taught the settlers how to plant corn.

What was the reward the American Indians got from the white settlers? A combination of both colonization and genocide. In conclusion, these tragic incidents should explain to the majority of Americans what the first Thanksgiving was really about.

Billy Trice, Jr.






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