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Tuesday, 27 November 2012 16:45

By Robert Souza

Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council Monday night added teeth to a proposed new law regulating metal bins that collect donated clothing and books in Alameda County.


Council members added their recommendations for a conditional-use permit system that would charge higher fees for profit-making companies, and a limitation that no box be within 1,000 feet of another.


“They are prolific and the blight they bring is unnecessary,” said MAC member Marc Crawford who noted that dozens of the receptacles have appeared on Castro Valley Boulevard in just the past year.


The bins – some placed through lease arrangements with property owners, others placed without any consent – have repeatedly been plagued by graffiti and illegal dumping on a regular basis.


Ned Lyke, president of the Friends of the Castro Valley Library, objected to the competition the book bins create for his organization, which raises money for the library by selling donated books.


“None of the money collected by these book boxes comes back to the community. They all should be nonprofits,” asserted Lyke.


The new ordinance is scheduled to go before the Unincorporated Services Committee meeting next month and to the Planning Commission in January.



For more, call the county Planning Department at 670-5400.



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