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Police Crackdown Needed on Stop-sign Runners


About three weeks ago I was crossing the street at Martin Boulevard and Hutchings Drive when I had to jump out of the way to keep from being run over by a woman in a white Honda. She ran the stop sign on Martin and she was on a cell phone. My left hand and wrist hit the headlight area. When I yelled at her, she cussed at me and told me to get my a-- out of the road.

I walked to the police station and asked to speak to a sergeant. I talked to a man in street clothes and he jotted down some notes and said he would pass it on. I asked that they place a motor officer at that corner but nothing has happened yet.

The police should crack down on all stop-sign-runners, cell-phone users, and make it clear that people crossing the street have the right of way. I don’t think that someone has to be hurt or killed to get this type of response from our police department. It would be more productive than taking pictures of license plates or relying on red-light cameras.

I was really lucky that I did not get hurt badly. I was so surprised that I was hit that I did not think to get a plate number.

Tom Saunders, San Leandro




Angered That Times Ignored Obama Re-election Coverage


The anger and disappointment I experienced in November 2008 when the San Leandro Times decided to ignore that our country had elected its first African American President (history-making and newsworthy all over the world!) turned to rage and speculation with the delivery of the November 8, 2012 edition.

The first page – nothing. Hoping that whatever small-mindedness that ruled the 2008 post-election issue had evolved, I hoped for one of the Special Pull-Out sections I’d seen in several newspapers. Surely, that must be the plan. Nothing.

So, what really is going on here in San Leandro? How can a city in the Bay Area with the diversity of the United Nations continue to ignore that an African American family resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D. C.?  Did the editor/publisher of a newspaper miss the fact that the leader of the Free World is a man who is the epitome of the multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic America that everyone loves to brag about?

Can it be that the San Leandro Times “powers that be” deny the existence of people of color? Could it be a holding to the spirit of The San Leandro of Old (or not so old, after all it was the 1970’s) when Black people were strongly “discouraged” from even getting off the bus from Oakland until they got to Hayward?

As an African American resident and business owner of San Leandro, I cannot express how disappointed I am at the disrespect demonstrated in your decision to “erase” the re-election of President Barack Obama – the 44th and 45th President of the United States of America – from your so-called newspaper.

Again...Shame on you, San Leandro Times.  Shame on you.

La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson,

San Leandro




Called Schaefer Auto Review ‘A Disservice to Readers’


I take issue with Steve Schaefer’s review of the Kia Soul (San Leandro Times, Nov. 22, 2012). Mr. Schaefer tones down a major scandal regarding this car by writing the following in the passive voice:

“Fuel economy ratings have just been adjusted downward, after Hyundai and Kia were found to have released slightly optimistic official mpg figures.”

In truth, it was the Environmental Protection Agency that exposed the inflated MPG reports made by Hyundai and Kia. These companies did not volunteer this information, nor did they offer to compensate their customers for cost of their misrepresentation until the EPA made their discrepancies public.

I bought a Kia Soul earlier this year. Based on the MPG ratings presented at that time, I already considered the car to be on the borderline of fuel efficiency that I would find acceptable. Had Kia been honest in its reporting of the car’s fuel efficiency, I would not have bought it. Kia has offered its customers a debit card to refund them the difference they will be spending on gasoline for the life of the car. Kia can undo the damage they inflicted on my pocketbook, but they cannot undo the damage their lower fuel efficiencies will inflict on the climate.

Corporations need to be held accountable when they misrepresent their products to an unsuspecting public, especially manufacturers of major purchases such as automobiles. When Mr. Schaefer glossed over this flaw in Kia’s corporate responsibility to its customers, he did the readers of the San Leandro Times a disservice.

Sterling Kinnell, San Leandro



Thinks Leo West’s Letter is That of a Sore-Loser


In response to Leo West’s letter in last week’s paper (“Leo West Upset Over Obama Re-election,” Letters, Nov. 22), Leo makes it obvious that he is a sore-loser.

Not only does Leo happen to live in a country where the majority of voters are ignorant but, to add insult to injury, he also lives in a state, county and city where the majority of voters are ignorant. Seems all of us ignoramuses out here were scared and herded into voting for the candidate of our choice; which of course would have to be a Democratic candidate since only the well-informed would be smart enough to vote Republican.

Jerry Brown did exactly what he said he would when he ran for governor which was to only raise taxes if the majority of voters approved the increase; and all of us ignoramuses did. We were stupid enough to believe that giving a little bit for a little while would be beneficial to us all; while the smarter voters would and did only think of their own pocketbooks.

There is no plan to gut Social Security. The money in there was contributed by workers (not the government) for their own retirement. It is solvent right now, without doing anything to it, until 2033. The Republicans did want to gut Medicare and make it a voucher system that would be capped now but left no room for the cap to raise as medical services and drugs prices increased year after year.

Obama didn’t extend tax cuts to the wealthy twice; that was the republican congress whose main purpose for the last 3 years was to make sure Obama was not re-elected. Those smart Republicans made sure that nothing got done in Congress, which is why they had the lowest approval rating since forever. Obama did give billions to bail out industries like the auto industry who actually paid most of those loan off.

Leo is probably one of those people who signed one of the many petitions for secession from the USA so he can have a country where only those that believe in the exact same thing as him would live.

Sorry, Leo, but you happen to live in America where the majority rules whether we are ignorant or not; but if I see the state or federal government doing us wrong, I will be out in the street and in the paper in protest regardless of who is in office.

Harry Orner, San Leandro



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