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Wondering Where the Celica Went?

By Steve Schaefer • San Leandro Times The Scion story goes back to the early...

Meals in Minutes: Fast Food That’s Really Fast!

On these warm summer evenings, most of us want to spend as little time in the kitchen...

Remember: Memory May Fail You

By Carl Medford, CRS • Special to the Times Memory is a wonderful thing… when...

Mortgage Rates Remain Near Year’s Low

Average fixed mortgage rates were largely flat last week, remaining just above their...

Is Your Home’s Assessed Value Accurate?

California taxpayers who disagree with local assessors’ valuation of their property...

Control Squash Bugs with Neem Oil

Open Homes • 07-31-14

Home Sales • 07-31-14

Toyota Upgrades 4Runner’s Suspension

Mince Garlic, Not Words

Lyme Disease Remains Difficult to Diagnose

Typing No Longer Linked to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A Jump in Sexually Transmitted Diseases Reported in California

Now’s a Great Time to Shed Some Weight

In Today’s Market, Cash Is Still King

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Thursday, 29 November 2012 15:29







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