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Castro Valley Has Access

To Top Science Lecturers

Thanks to CVEF



On behalf of the Castro Valley Unified School District, I would like to thank the Castro Valley Educational  Foundation (CVEF), especially Gary Howard and Matt Kaser, for establishing a series of free lectures with  outstanding scientists in Castro Valley.


Our students are able to benefit directly from the experts in the  scientific community.  Peter Roopnaire’s lecture on November 15th on “Mass Extinctions and Climate  Change” was outstanding.


Upcoming lectures with Katie Pollard on January 10 on “What Makes Us Human” and Andrew Fraknoi on March 13 on “Black Holes” promise to be just as great.


The community  does not need to travel to Berkeley, Palo Alto or San Francisco to hear from the experts. They are coming to Castro Valley thanks to CVEF.


More information is available at www.cvef.org.

Jim Negri, Superintendent

Castro Valley Unified

School District


Seniors Thank Rotary

For Holiday Luncheon



On behalf of the seniors at the Kenneth Aitken Senior Center, we want to thank Castro Valley Rotary Club for sponsoring the Thanksgiving Luncheon at the Kenneth Aitken Senior Center on Monday, Nov. 19.


The club helped sponsor this luncheon by providing financial assistance that helped purchase the food, and club members came the day of the event to help cook, serve and clean up.

Rotary members that helped on the day of this special event are:  Kerrilyn Ely, Hafsa Burt,


Mathilda Schmidt, Kern Lewis, Bill Nott, Tommy Gee, Charlie Landmesser, Jim Negri, Steve Ontiveros, and Leslie Poniatowski.  Nearly 100 seniors were served a delicious traditional


Thanksgiving meal in due to the Castro Valley Rotary Club’s generosity.

—The Kenneth C. Aitken

Senior Center Seniors




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