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Calls Hauer’s Letter and ‘Insults’ on Obama

Re-election ‘Not Terribly Persuasive’



I counted, in Peter Hauer’s “doomsday” letter to the Forum (“Says Obama’s Re-election Has Doomed America,” Letters, Nov. 21), 10 separate personal insults directed at those who did not vote in the way he wished.


Mr. Hauer, insults are not terribly persuasive. If the best that self-styled “true conservatives” can manage is to call their fellow citizens “selfish,” “disgusting,” or at best “gullible” (not to mention the “true conservative” men pontificating about rape pregnancy), he is correct, they won’t win too many elections.

Carol Sholin, Castro Valley


And Yet Another Response to Hauer



Wow! Mr. Hauer (“Says Obama’s Re-election Has Doomed America,” Letters, Nov. 21), where were you when the candidates were running for President! Your letter to the editor sure opened all of our eyes.


It sounds like if you were President you would have not drove us off the cliff, and into a recession. Please run in 2016 because I’m going to be more corrupt, sinister like, and I’ll be living the life of a parasite (your words not mine) until then.

Jack Gayle, Castro Valley


Library ‘Friends’ President Thanks Community for

Support of Book Sale ($3,000 Raised!)



The Friends of the Castro Valley Library would like to express our appreciation to the Castro Valley community for their support at our weekend book sale that just concluded.


In spite of the rainy weather throughout the weekend, many people came to the library and purchased lots of bargain books at the sale.


The sale could not have been possible without the tremendous support of our volunteers who have contributed their time and energy to the operations of the Friends.  The over $3,000 earned during the sale will be used to continue our support of the excellent programs and services of the Castro Valley Library.


All items in the sale were donations from citizens of Castro Valley and surrounding communities. We would like to remind everyone that the Friends BookStore is open when the library is open and provides quality books and gift certificates. We are a perfect place for holiday gift shopping!!


With best wishes to the Castro Valley community for the coming holidays from the Friends of the Castro Valley Library.

Ned Lyke, President

Friends of the Castro Valley Library


PETA Says California’s Ban on Foie Gras ‘was

The Decent Thing to Do’



Contrary to the claims of the restaurant caught selling foie gras in violation of California’s ban, foie gras production is as cruel as factory farming gets.


Birds raised for foie gras are force-fed several pounds of food every day via a pneumatic tube that is rammed down their throats, a process that former State Senator John Burton describes as “doing the equivalent of waterboarding.”


Force-feeding causes birds’ livers to expand as much as 10 times their normal size, resulting in a painful disease called hepatic steatosis.


The enlarged livers are about the size of a small football and put pressure on the birds’ other internal organs, including the lungs, impairing the birds’ ability to breathe. The massive livers also displace the birds’ legs, making it difficult for them to walk.


Force-feeding birds has been denounced by poultry experts worldwide, which is why foie gras production has been banned in more than a dozen countries, including Israel, the UK,


Germany, Poland, and Sweden. California was right to follow suit.


Banning force-feeding was the decent thing to do, the only the logical extension of efforts to ban battery cages, gestation and veal crates, shark-finning, and other forms of egregious cruelty to animals.

Alisa Mullins, PETA Foundation, Norfolk, VA




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