Drug-Makers File Suit to Overturn Take-Back Law | Print |  E-mail
Wednesday, 12 December 2012 13:52



The  pharmaceutical industry filed a lawsuit last week in an attempt to strike down Alameda County’s Safe Drug Disposal Ordinance, a law sponsored by Supervisor Nate Miley that requires drug-makers to pay for the collection of unused medicines throughout the county.

The Board of Supervisors, on a 5-0 vote, passed the law on July 24. It applies to both prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines, and became the first such law in the nation.

The aim was to reduce abuse of prescription drugs, accidental poisonings, and pollution of waterways through improper disposal of medicines.


Brand name drug makers teamed up with their generic counterparts for the suit, which was filed in U.S. District Court on Friday. They contend that, while well-intended, the law was unfair and violated the Constitution in that Alameda County was interfering with interstate commerce, a right reserved for Congress.



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