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Not Happy About Prospects of Pot Shops in San Leandro


Do you all know who your city councilman is? We all better find out, and right away.

The San Leandro Times has done us all a great service informing us of the idea to allow two pot shops in the city (“City Council Might Allow Pot Shops,” Page 1, Dec. 6).

Don’t you just love the smell of weed in the evenings? We will all get to inhale that fragrance if our council approves of these shops. And, oh joy, more robberies, the police tell us. And smokers sitting around in parking lots getting into trouble, getting us into trouble.

You all know that this pot stuff is supposed to be used for medical purposes for patients who need help. The trouble is, so many abuse the system.  How much of that medical help is actually getting to medical patient?

With all the anger against smoking cigarettes, how is it pot gets a pass? It is hot smoke going into the lungs. Can we still spell c-a-n-c-e-r?

Let your council member know, we don’t want no stinkin’ pot shops. Thanks.

Corey Anderson, San Leandro



Takes Issue with Parker Letter on Health Costs


First, Elie Parker (“Government Upbraided for Contributing to Health Costs,” Letters, Dec. 6) attacks the veterans for drinking, then goes after the government for taking care of people, then mentions both companies and the government.

Does Elie Parker have evidence that alcohol is more of an issue with veterans than it is with the general population?

Do all veterans choose to drink alcoholic beverages at UFW clubs and none of them consume non-alcoholic products?

Does Elie Parker have evidence that all high medical coverage usage is due to unhealthy life styles?

I feel that it is unjust to hold people responsible for the costs of diseases or disabilities they could not have prevented. A person who leads a very healthy lifestyle can still catch a disease and all of a sudden have high medical usage.

Addictions, whether to drinking, eating or smoking  should be treated without being penalized. I agree preventative health care is one way to reduce health care costs but healthy choices have to be available and affordable for all. The government is not forcing people to drink alcohol, eat excessively or smoke.

Kathy Starzenski, San Leandro




Doesn’t Understand Motives for City Officials’ Raises


There are many ways to say thank you:

(1) Dinner for two at Elios – $40, (2)  A cute T-shirt from the T-Shirt Factory – $20, (3) A set of tires from Big-O Tires – $300, (4) Lunch for two at Best Burger – $20.

This gives our leaders a chance to meet the people who pay the bills, the people who are always asked first to donate and support programs for schools and the like. This also lets people at City Hall know we have some pretty nice businesses in town and may steer others to our business.

While you always want to keep good people in place, I think when you get to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries, folks pay a little more attention.

Maybe I’m not being generous enough, but you can rest knowing we’ll never see an argument between the three key players – the city manager, assistant city manager and the police chief – who are now connected at the hip, or should I say pocket? If $10,000 is the new way to say thank you, it must be that new math, because I don’t get it.

Larry Arnold, San Leandro





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