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Wednesday, 19 December 2012 16:11



Local contractors will continue working this week to evaluate and repair recent storm damage to Hayward’s historic All Saints Catholic Church on Second Street.

The Bay Area’s recent rain storms have damaged one of Hayward’s oldest and most recognizable landmarks – All Saints Catholic Church on 2nd Street near D Street.

Founded in 1868, All Saints’ classic design features two bell towers that can be seen for miles around.


When last week’s storm hit, one of the decorative pieces on the east tower fell off and shattered, revealing exterior damage that needs to be repaired.


Throughout this week, local contractors Resti and Scott Zaballos will be hoisted up 100 feet in a construction crane “bucket” to start repairs and evaluate any other damage that might have occurred during the severe weather.


“The church is a hundred years old,” said Steve Mullin, All Saints Parish Life Director. “The tower damage just opened our eyes to some overdue repairs necessary to maintain the structural integrity of the old church.”


The church’s roof was replaced 31 years ago and the estimated cost to replace it could run close to $250,000. A paint job alone is estimated to cost $150,000 and additional repairs could run another $50,000.


Mullin says the needed repairs will be a financial challenge for the parish. But, he is keeping faith.


“The parishioners have begun a campaign inviting families to pledge $20 a month to help pay for ongoing maintenance with the hope of enlisting 1000 families this coming month,” says Mullin.


Not unlike the founding families of this area who suffered far worse damage in the 1868 earthquake, there is a strong will to rebuild and preserve what is part of Hayward’s history.




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