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Faults Forum Article on County Plastic Bag Ban



The article in the Dec. 19, Forum “Reusable Bag Ordinance Goes into Effect Jan. 1st,” (Page 16) regarding the ill-conceived plastic bag ban is full of errors. I wish the Forum would research before publishing what sounds like a PR piece from the County Waste Management Authority (CMA).


Contrary to what the CMA says, plastic bags are not single-use items.  There are many uses for a plastic bag after using it to bring home groceries from the store.


They make great trash can liners, can be used to empty the litter box, are great for bringing lunch to work (I use the same bag over and over for this purpose), are great protection for painting, and make great containers to keep ice colder longer in  a cooler.  This is only a very short list of how a single plastic bag can be reused many times.


The article states that grocery stores will be allowed to charge at least 10 cents a plastic bag.


Where does that money go? It doesn’t go to the government or you, the consumer. Instead, the money, which at 10 cents a bag is 5 to 10 times the cost of the bag, goes to the store. In other words, your grocery bill will go up in order to “protect the environment.”


Reusable bags are unsanitary. Most people will just take them to the store and fill them up, not thinking that the bags need to be washed in between visits.


According to the ordinance, I can bring meat or produce from the back of the store to the register in a plastic bag provided by the store.  Evidently this bag gets thrown out at the register because it, as the article implies, it can’t be taken pass the register.


This is yet another ill-conceived “environment protection” law by a government that is out of control. It is based on bad science and half (or less) truths.


If plastic bags are such a hideous affront to the environment, why aren’t the banned for all retailers, not just grocery and convenience stores? Why are restaurants exempted?

David Ross, Castro Valley


'Bowled Over’ By Town’s Coat Donations



This is an open letter of thanks and gratitude to the people of this community. Over the last several weeks I have spearheaded an effort to collect coats to be distributed to under-privileged families throughout the East Bay, an annual project organized by the Castro Valley Mother’s Club that benefits the clients of the East Bay Community Law Center.


The Center’s mission is to provide equal access to justice for people living in poverty.


Hundreds of you have opened your closets and your hearts and donated coats and jackets this season. Because of your kindness, we were able to provide 494 coats to people who needed them.


Simultaneously the members of the Castro Valley Mother’s Club have collected gifts for 116 children, the parents of whom are all clients of the East Bay Community Law Center.


The kindness that has been shown by the people in our town has bowled me over. I wanted to specially thank each and every person who made this year’s coat drive a success: Thanks to our collection sites (Starbuck’s in the Village, Castro Valley Elementary, Vannoy Elementary, Starr King Unitarian Universalist Church).


Thanks to the Forum for running an article on the coat drive – that publicity was so valuable to us! Thanks to every person who donated a coat or jacket. Additional special thanks go out to Heather Sontag, Mpho Parras, Henry Wagner, Cynthia Stonebruner, Tracy Mills, Stella Ho, and Kendra Frautnick for helping count, organize, and deliver the coats and gifts.

Sara E. Raymond, Castro Valley



Castro Valley Veterans Memorial Touches Many



I live across the street from the Veteran’s Memorial which was recently dedicated on Veterans day. Almost every time I pass by I see someone or some people quietly walking through the memorial, looking at the names, touching the stones. They all have one thing in common, they are thoughtful, reflective and contemplative.


I often wonder what they are thinking – who is their loved one, a father, son, mother, daughter? Are the names of loved ones on the stones alive or dead, how did they serve our country?


I am reminded of how grateful we need to be to our cherished veterans who defended our country and kept the peace.


The flag at half mast this week was a brutal reminder that not only do we need to keep the peace abroad but we as citizens have a responsibility to keep the peace at home as well.


This Christmas season, do a peaceful act; help a neighbor, make a donation to a charity, or better yet, help out a charity. You kindness will be repaid with peace in your heart.

And if you need a place of peace and refuge, please visit, the light is always on.

Patrick Devine, Castro Valley



CVHS Class of ’15 Grateful for Fundraising Help



Castro Valley High School’s Class of 2015 recently held a fundraiser at our local bagel shop, Big Apple Bagels in Castro Village. On behalf of the Sophomore Class of ’15 as well as the rest of CVHS, we would like to extend our gratitude to the owner for his cooperative and supportive attitude in helping our class raise money.


Also, to Tom and Tina’s Deli, located in the Lucky’s shopping center, thank you for your gracious opportunity to allow us to create an on-going year long fundraiser. Both of these establishments have helped our class earn money so that we can organize activities for the students. Thank you again and happy holidays.

Sophomore Officers, CVHS Class of ’15



Thankful for CVS Help on Christmas Toy Drive



I would love to give a huge “Thank You” to Christy, the manager of CVS Pharmacy in Castro Valley. I went to her with the idea of supporting both the CHP Toy Drive, as well as supporting a local business. She was extremely helpful and exemplified the Spirit of the Season. She helped me make Christmas a little brighter for a lot of children and, for her help and good cheer, I give many thanks.

Susan Huberich, Castro Valley



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